(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change]


Some troop art’s spoiler from official twitter. It’s a cat, so I’m sure a lot of you guys would love it! ^^



Cute and cool. But will it be any use?


Is this the wife of Ubastet?


Lacking outsized muscles (or other anatomical features), spikes, or wings…clearly not a mythic.


It’s his daughter, you perv.


Then who is the mother?


So… tomorrow Stormheim will be the first 10-star kingdom without its own Faction!

That 18 Mythic trooops could be a problem though. Right now my options are new Common/Godslayer, Hyndla Frostcrown or Penguin. Godslayer is the easiest to do. Using Glory to buy common troop to Mythic is a bit too expensive. I already have 5 of that Legendary, so looks like I will have to spend some event keys to aim for a single copy of her.


Couple small changes to troops and pets (on taransworld)

Troop changes:

Pet changes:


What is the delve event tomorow? Can’t see it


All seeing Eye


Ty bro i wasn’t sure since the game say next delve in 12 days


Is it going to be the same weapon as the previous event or a new one?


Same weapon as the previous one. I hope anyway.




Love the background… :slight_smile:

Sea of Sorrow


Boss of Sea of Sorry… (no additional info at this time)


I’m obsessed with the new background. All of us in the office think it’s gorgeous!


I love the art, but it doesn’t look very sorrowful


The sorrow comes when you start to play the faction at a higher delve level and it starts to one shot you with true damage :slight_smile:


I believe that one day you will be pleased @Jainus. I need to believe, or I wouldn’t be Salty.