(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change]


YES! You should all go follow us on Twitter! (I purposefully post spoilers there so that more people follow, HUEHUEHUE.)


Ow, that’s like saying you purposefully hide Christmas presents in your waste dump so more people get to enjoy the local country side. :crazy_face:


Noticed something odd about Ziong Mao.

Why would a base Epic have a seemingly unique and powerful Legendary/Mythic 3rd trait? Are other troops going to get rebalanced with Godslayer? :thinking:


But why post on twitter and not on official forum?


Social media is why, they want the word to spread to other social media platforms since more people use social media


I know but they could post in both.


But it seems like they are just forcing the people that already use an existing channel, like the forums, to subscribe to these other channels that we don’t want to use. It’s the same thing with the Reddit AMA - if/when it happens, it will just be a bunch of forum users that log in to Reddit once to see what they have to say and then come back here when it’s over. Maybe they’ll bring in a few new users, I don’t know.


Yes other troops will be God slayers Freya for one


Nani!? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


What troops are each of you most excited for?


Spellblade! Followed by Emperor Liang.


The long thing


Yao Guai, for me. Though I’m not more than modestly excited about any of them, to be honest.


@Saltypatra already told you im more excited to know more about the new game
Modes then the troops


@Rickygervais Well I can’t say anything about those. :stuck_out_tongue:


Why is Monday not a new kingdom event? Odd that it’s a week delayed…


I have two theories:

  1. They might just flip the two events since those dates are easily changeable and they might not have been certain about Shentang’s release date.
  2. The 3rd trait on Xiong Mao seems to be directly related to the Raid mode, which will only be out with version 3.3. So they probably want to wait until 3.3 is out or imminent before releasing that troop.
    Getting Shentang out during the New Year festival is probably good marketing, even if we have to wait a bit to target the kingdom legendaries.


Personally, i’m happy i have a week in between to replenish my event keys. I probably won’t get shentang to five stars the same day like i did bright forest, but oh well. I’m not terribly excited either. Bf was awesome, those troops fit my play style well. From what i’ve read, the shentang troops, not so much. The lose health/gain magic etc traits aren’t as appealing as faerie fire. Not trying to be negative, it’s just hard to top that (especially in rapid succession while that’s still fresh) for me. I hope i’m pleasantly surprised. I’m just not setting hopes too high so i’m not dissappointed.


There is supposedly a new legendary troop next week surely that will need some event keys.


The day the event hits, there should be ten troops in Shentang. It should be trivial to five star it same day with event keys. From kingdom release until then, it would be almost impossible to five star it regardless, since you’d need mythic ascencsions on the epic and legendaries, with each copy of a simple specific Epic being about as rare as pulling a non-specific base mythic at this point from gem keys.