(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change] (Part 1)

anyone can find the revered dragonkitty pic please?

There ya go.


lol it’s the real one?
i want to add it to my page :slight_smile:

Yes, it’s the one shown on Taransworld.

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thank you!!!

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Put some stripes on him and he’ll look a lot like a mutated Garfield :joy:


Many of the upcoming female characters all share this anime style. Friday’s Queen of Sin was drawn in this style as well. It’s probably the same artist.

For example:

This unit can’t be related to either of them, because they don’t have empowered eyes like the “daughter” does. But someone else has those exact same eyes…

That’s highly likely not a coincidence.

Interestingly, this relationship would create a generational hierarchy as well.

Skadi (mythic) → Mab (legendary) → Mab’s Daugher (epic)

That also seems to be way too convenient to be a simple coincidence.

Interesting question time: Whose the more spoiled princess? Her or Elspeth? And will they be shipped? Great lore questions to ask Sirrian at the next dev Q&A :stuck_out_tongue:

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To which Kingdom will Silver Necropolis be associated?

Silverglade @Tuaya

Thank you sir

What ever happened to Mab’s Mom? From the questline

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We don’t know? Sirrian has stopped writing lore for now.

Doing some digging on the matter, Skadi came out while Sirrian was still writing lore for weekly troops and had this to say on the matter:

Others tell tales where she was the first Fey of the Winter Court, and Queen Mab is her direct descendant.

Given that Mab is Skadi’s descendant, and that the “daughter” is clearly younger than Mab (they all possess empowered eyes), the timeline is more accurately:

Skadi (mythic) → [unknown number of generations] → Maeve (unknown) → Mab (legendary) -->; Mab’s Daugher (epic)


Thank you for doing some digging on the matter @Lyrian, I always wondered what had happened to Mab’s Mother.
Who knows? Maybe we’ll get her as the 2nd Mythic for the kingdom.
I just wanna see the Art for Mab’s Mom lol :smile: to bad we probably have to wait awhile…

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Baba in a frilly ice made bikini and blue ice hair.

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Are there any hints what 4.4 will bring us?
I read something about a soulforge update, but without any details or Update version…

That would be hilarious!

Elspeth is more spoiled than everyone ever.

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I was just having a look at the upcoming faction troops and necrocorn’s spell description says cleanse and bless a troop. Isn’t cleanse part of bless? Why do they have to state it again? Maybe to make it sound as if it does more than it actually does? :stuck_out_tongue:

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is there any badge for dishonnored and warned?

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With using moon rabbit in the dark pits, it seems bless will cleanse lesser status ailments, but cannot remove curse. Since curse has to be cleansed, perhaps that is why it is structured that way.