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A New Mythic Approaches - Skadi

Originally published at: https://gemsofwar.com/a-new-mythic-approaches-skadi/

New Mythic Troop: Skadi

Despite her size, Skadi, the Queen of the Winter Solstice, is one of the oldest and most powerful creatures in Krystara.
Many believe that she was a servant of Anu, whom he tasked with creating the frosty northern lands, and she loved her work so much she chose to remain there.
Others tell tales where she was the first Fey of the Winter Court, and Queen Mab is her direct descendant.

Whether that is true or not, she certainly watches over the royal family of the Winter Court. When Mab was a young princess, she was once attacked by a group of Yeti. Skadi was on hand, as always, to save the day (changing the seasons to warm the weather up and chase the Yeti away to their deep caves). The young Mab swore an oath to protect Skadi on that day, and now she can call Mab to her side whenever SHE is in danger.

Please note this Troop is currently available on PC, Mobile, PS4 and XBox One.

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Looks to be a great troop. Happy holidays everyone.

wow,hope i can found she😆

wow, I must have pissed off somebody.

153 VIP keys, 784 Gem Keys, 750 Glory Keys, 35,000 Glory and I still didn’t get it.

Well, Merry Christmas to me lol.

Edit: Letting it sink in, wow, that really does take a lot out of wanting to play the game again.

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Seems to have wrapped lots of irritating features into one troop. How cool is that.


3100 glory keys, 250 gem keys then got her with 83 guild keys.

@TheIdleOne Yah gambling is a @(*&@#


260 gem, 6000 seals at max and then I opened 50 vip and got two!
Maybe I should do vip first next time. Lol
Saving glory keys for bright forest. Want to get to 7k by then.

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200 gem keys, 5k glory keys, and 200 VIP keys for one.


380 gem keys, 2,7k glory keys, and 100 VIP keys for one.
This one was very hard to get for me, thankfully I got it.


1.8k glory keys, yay! Thankfully this one was relatively painless to get, because the worldbreaker almost bankrupted me last month. :sweat_smile:

Only 400 Glory Keys, easiest mythic ever for me.


@nando1881 got you beat, only 100 guild keys :smiley:


Best of luck to all and happy holidays.

1200 glory keys!


Link to alternate lore: :grin:

I think this is the worst drawn card in the game, ever. People gave a lot of flack to poor Wayfarer and now this is fine?

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Yes, I’m not keen on the design but she’s pretty lethal imo. And I have two, Yay!

…dusting off my Silence troops.

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I still use mine. Got a bard silence defence up for gw today

The last thing this game needs is more queen mab. Dear lawd!