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New mythic next week...some backstory

Sorry for pre-empting the development team here, but some things just can’t wait…

Not many people realize that there are Fey, and then there are Fey. The elite Fey must undergo a series of grueling tests before their diametrically opposed leaders. Bimiyup is the empress of the summer, her kindly visage belying a demeanor as hard and unyielding as an ancient oak. And Skadi - well, Skadi’s diamond-like stare is actually pretty appropriate for her wintry mannerisms.

Many of the Fey fail their trials. Some die in agony, others are maimed for life. But a few, a proud select few, will progress to be part of Queen Mab’s Order, known colloquially as the MabOrd. And they will be revered above all of their kin.

On the day of ordainment, they must stand before the cruel twin goddesses and address them directly to win their favor. Some find themselves unable to speak and are exiled forever to the mortal realm, a fate considered far worse than death. But the proud remainder hold their heads high and the very air seems to shimmer around them as they utter the sacred incantation:



Um the new mythic is next week.



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Lol, took me a few seconds of puzzlement but I got there :sweat_smile:


That was brilliant. I would like it a thousand times if I could.

@XLS78, I bequeath my former title to you. Well done, sir. Well done.

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Doesn’t count in my case, I saw that yesterday. Too easy :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh dear…I…the things that just can’t be unseen…:clap:

I have to say that’s the best Star Trek pun I have ever heard.