(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change] (Part 1)

Perma only if you don’t cast the troop. After casting you have 4 turns before the Darkstorm disappear and 50% chance when casting Nosferatu to have back the Wolf and so on, Penumbra.

Right, but its still a turn 1 storm and still persists and overwrites all others as long as you don’t cast it. There are a few 3 troop setups with this troop in the back that would work exceptionally well because of this.

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You are absolutely right: so an epic is much better than a mythic :man_facepalming:

So next week we get Nosferatu blue-brown arcanes and bat swarm red-brown arcanes?

As a heads up, it appears that the release dates for new troops is potentially being set at the last minute now, since it comes from the login data and not the world (static) data, and all unreleased troops have a placeholder date set. If this is true, I will no longer be able to give any meaningful insight as to the order of unreleased troops. I will still be able to provide spoilers for troops, just not any details about their release dates.

From Process of Elimination due to troop color and region. And the info that Ashasekayi posted.

10/30 Bat Swarm, Nosfaratu, Umberwolf
11/3 Scorpius
11/6 Hind
11/13 Monster Muncher
11/20 Flame Troll, Fire Bomb
11/24 World Breaker
11/27 (Unknown)
12/4 Mosasaurus, Scylla
12/11 Strygik
12/25 Claw Dancer

and that’s a good enough schedule for the rest of the year for me.
Of course as always these things may change.

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Does someone know the Arcanes required by the different Mythics, please?

As far as I can tell, they’re not yet available.

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should be Erinyes.

Still lacking a troop for the week of 12/18…

sounds like the perfect day for a kingdom to come out…

Hm, Flame Troll and Scylla are the only ones I find interesting there.
The others are kinda meh…

Especially World Breaker has a surprisingly bad ability, if the list further up is true.

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Both the explode and damage to all scales with magic and his 3rd trait has 25% chance of gving him 4 magic points on 4-match… Not bad.
It could be funny that he’s a Beast so we can put him with Forest Guardian.

Else Erinyes could be useful too.

Ah good, glad it ended up being Erinyes. Saw it was Purple/Green on the old chart so had no clue. ^^

It’s only my guess. But Erinyes is an Ultra-Rare from Blighted Lands which fits the data on this date.

Color change should occur because a Purple transformer should not be Purple/Green (ie auto-loop).

I’m on console and can’t see the new troops, even if I select unowned.
Out of the list can you please put a little m in brackets to signify mythics?
I’m saving resources since all the nerfs and am being really selective.

Its just, from a character called “World breaker”, its kind of a little feeble for it just to explode two gems and do some aoe damage.

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2 is because the troop is shown at level 1 without any kingdom bonus.

I don’t really understood which list you’re talking about but the next Mythics are: Scorpius, World Breaker, Skadi.

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The one rhinni posted.

It’s not totally correct for Console players but you may be interested by this.