(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change] (Part 1)

Any news about PS4/X1 Merlantis release date?

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Schedule is odd, in that the game files indicate one thing, but are overridden at login time with another, and I’m not sure what to make of it yet. Consider me less sure of the future beyond the immediate dates (10/20 and 10/23).

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Here are all spells and traits. Of course, take all this with a grain of salt since they are probably not finalized.

Bat Swarm

Claw Dancer


Fire Bomb

Flame Troll


Monster Muncher










Merlantis still due on friday?

Like how one of the spells is written ‘explode two gems on the board’, where else would they be exploded?

New mechanic? :astonished::upside_down_face::wink:

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These all popped up on tacet’s last video in his troop list but nothing shows up on my ps4.

They fixed it in couple of hours.


Ghulvania troops look awesome. :+1:t2:



Claw Dancer and Erinyes have the same traits so I think that CD’s ones are not the good ones.

I am surprised that Nosferatu is an Epic and Shadow Wolf the Legendary… I thought it was the opposite…

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Ok i guess i will find out on friday

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Yup! :wink:

Nimhaim said last week that it should be at least on PC/Mobile this friday.

I cannot confirm from the gamefiles…

I’m surprised by that too. Perhaps, it will get changed around before release.

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Do you know by chance the arcanes required for the Mythics?

EDIT: My predictions are:

  • Drifting Sands: Plains/Mountain
  • Divinion Fields: Beast/Storm
  • Grosh-Nak: Dark/Beast
  • Skadi: Spirit/Plains
  • Leonis Empire: should not be a Blue/Yellow/Purple troop so let’s say a Blue/Yellow/Brown, Shield/Blade
  • Karakoth (only the visual, I have): Red/Purple/Brown, Dark/Skull

The Legendary trait “Penumbra” could be too strong on Nosferatu: you can trigger the trait with SW then cast him and you are ready to fill/cast Nosferatu. It seems a nice chain :slight_smile: .

But SW’s spell is not good and is not enough synergic with Nosferatu and Bat Swarm…
He should do either true damage or Poison (somewhat true damage), better than Deathmarked (why putting an insta kill with this beautiful “chain troops”?).

And the trait seems very nice: perma purple gem boost.

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In your collection screen. They also take out some gold and souls with them :wink:

The most interesting thing out of all this is that we may finally get another set of universal converters (any color > specific color) with different colors. Though I’d really like to see the reverse universal converters filled out, too (specific color > any color). That the kinda broken permastorm trait on Umberwolf that will completely invalidate every other storm user without an equally strong trait, which would then invalidate that trait because they are also not likely to be transforming troops as well.

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Yes, more converter option for variety.
Either same convert with no effect or new color set.

Like, something Blue-Green that makes Purple but does something different than GS.

dracs head looks too alieny to me like his face too small and low on his head xD

any ideas on next troop? merlantis ? hope so :sunglasses:

Yes, Merlantis.


Epic Merlantis Merfolk

Protective Shell (10 Blue/Yellow): Give an ally [Magic + 3] Armor and Barrier, then Submerge them. 
MAX 15 Attack, 25 Life, 23 Armor, 11 Magic

Merfolk Shield: Allied Merfolk gain 2 Armor.
16 Minor Water Traitstone Minor Water Traitstone
8 Runic Water Traitstone Runic Water Traitstone
8 Runic Wind Traitstone Runic Wind Traitstone
Icy Death: Summon an Icestorm when an enemy dies.
22 Minor Water Traitstone Minor Water Traitstone
8 Major Water Traitstone Major Water Traitstone
8 Arcane Blade Traitstone Arcane Blade Traitstone
Armored: Reduce damage from Skulls by 25%.
28 Minor Water Traitstone Minor Water Traitstone
4 Arcane Blade Traitstone Arcane Blade Traitstone
1 Celestial Traitstone Celestial Traitstone

Hangin’ five toes… Upon the Malibu.

Scheduled for 10/23/2017. All future troop details are subject to change at any time.