(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change] (Part 1)

Yep, the talent trees are Water/Life/Arcane, Life being one of Priest’s talent trees.

I edited my original post to clarify that it does only cleanse the hero, it’s not Voice of Orpheus.

Life tree, the one Priest class has: Purification: Cleanse myself on 4 or 5 Gem matches.

Don’t really understand why the 3rd trait is worded like this: Trait #3: Crashing Wave
Explode a Blue Gem when matching 4 or more Gems

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Match 6, new mechanic being introduced Soon ™

They added doomskulls. Hm… Oh boy, I guess it could happen.

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“4 or 5 Gem matches”. Say it with me devs. For real. :roll_eyes:

Looks like the long term project just got one work unit longer:

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All I’m saying is, if I get a 6 gem match it should be an auto win. Or at least insta kill one troop (even Invulnerable ones)

Don’t gem converters match 6 (or more) gems all the time? I personally prefer the wording “4 or more” to “4 or 5” as the former more accurately represents what happens in the game, but maybe that’s just me?


I know it’s almost the same thing as 4/5 match, but consider this…

  • Multiple Matches.


It’s just two 5-match, but it’s not wrong to call it single 7-match as well.

Still, looking each separate match, it’s true that you can’t match more than 5 Gems at once by clicking on the board. But…

  • Converter/Cascade/Explosion.

More than 5 match can happened all the time. Most of them are from using gems spammer like Troll. Using Yao Guai with board like this is also possible.


Or or simply match this 3 Red Gems.


And… you know how crazy the board can be when you use color-explosion spell with the Storm on. I don’t need to bring an example.


That is true, but part of the issue is that 4 matches have different behavior from 5+ matches (4 Gem matches never Surge, 5+ gem matches always surge).

But in this case, where the distinction isn’t relevant, “4 or more Gems” is the more reliable wording. It covers confusion, and in a way also reflects the Kraken nerf that changed these traits to only trigger once when matching a large blob of Gems.

I’ve been wanting another class with the Life tree for a while. Oracle used to have it, but atm I think it’s only Priest.

The Cleanse on 4+ matches is an amazing perk, imo, and if it ever got paired with Stone/War or Stone/Storm, I’d be worried :stuck_out_tongue:.

See that other post for more information.

In other news, we got a bunch of new troop changes, including a couple new things!

Hero Class Changes:

  • Tidecaller’s traits and class weapon have been added, and they have been discussed already above.
  • No other class changes have been made since December 28th.

Troop Changes:

  • Blackfire Cannon, a new Dhrak’Zum Siegebreaker, has a 30% chance to deal a second burst of damage to a random enemy. Doesn’t seem like too bad of a Siegebreaker, though usually I prefer Skull spam as a strategy.
  • Champion of Gaard, an upcoming Mythic, was “added,” but has no spell or traits.
  • New Bountyhunter, Excavator, destroys a column and creates Red gems boosted by Brown gems destroyed. This will be excellent, since many Bounty teams are based on Red, although I don’t like that this troop’s Rocky Death overrides Pharaoh Hound’s Skull Death, depending on placement…
  • 4 new troop names, and it looks like my theory about Amanithrax was right: Exploadstool, Fungomancer, Goblin Shroom King, and Mushroom Man.
  • Ridgeback, another EXCELLENT Bountyhunter, knocks the first enemy to the back and explodes Gems of their color. Great for disrupting the enemy, and probably the best Green Bountyhunter we’ve gotten.
  • New Legendary: Starflower, from Pan’s Vale, deals AoE damage, boosted 5x by Allied and Enemy Fey, summons a random Fey, and has a 20% chance to transform a random enemy into a Pixie. For an “AoE damage, then Summon” spell, which have been becoming increasingly common in new Legendaries to a frustrating degree, this one is quite nice, especially with the high boost ratio. It also has 50% chance to Faerie Fire at the start of the turn, which, while probably too infrequent to rely on, can help a bit. For newer player with low Magic stats, this is quite powerful, and pairs well with Fey troops like Alderfather (which creates Purple for Starflower), Glitterclaw and Queen Titania (for Faerie Fire), Suna, Tinseltail, and Leprechaun or Pixie for mana generators. Overall, this troop is very good early game, like the Elwyn or Zephyros of legendaries.
  • New Siegebreaker, Stone-Biter. It deals damage to Towers, and if one dies, it gains 7 to all skills, including Magic. Pretty useful, considering that this lets you deal damage to increasingly powerful towers.
  • Other new troops, that I didn’t find too special: Arachnataur, Lapina Explorer, Grimcorn, Cursed Efficy, Thunderforge.
  • A couple upcoming troops were buffed too.

Weapon Changes:

  • New Tidecaller class weapon: Deal [Magic + 5] heavy splash damage to an Enemy, boosted by all Blue Allies and Enemies. If an Enemy dies, give 3 Magic to all Allies and Submerge them. [4x] Not too special.

Pet Changes:

  • New pet: Dragonpuppy (International Dog Day 2019).
  • New pet: Little Bang (US Independence Day 2019). Spells bad news for Lil’ Freedom returning.
  • New pet: Sharki (Shark Week 2019)

Also no War Corgi for International Dog Day. Saltypatra sort of revealed that several months ago, the only cosmetic pet to repeat is the birthday cake, all other ones are single opportunity only.

The old cosmetic pets will be made available for $ (hopefully cheaper than $50) or :gem:. I assure you all.

They can have all the pets and titles and emojis and portraits they want only available for real cash. I don’t really care. But the day they do it to troops or weapons will be the day I quit I promise you.

I encourage anyone who is currently entertaining the thought of keeping a full collection of any of the chat stuff to give up now. You will get drained of resources and real money very quickly.


Cosmetic pets. Meh?

Kingdom power. Take Darkstone, it’s eagerly awaiting International Cat Day to progress past power level 14.

i am wondering if any info on next weeks faction weapon has been released? i didnt see it on taransworld.

I believe it’s this weapon after piecing information from here and there (take it with a pinch of salt).

It’s an interesting weapon in the fact that it’s a counter weapon for the faction itself.


Im gonna guess it is this weapon, since it is from bright forest where the new faction is linked to, has spell following the elemental theme, and a fitting name