Spending real money

Hello guys,

if i wanna be a lvl 5 vip, what would be the best way to spend the money?

Thank you!



I am currently a level 5 VIP and my advice would be to buy the chests with the stones that you are seeking. Also the daily gems deal is about the best bang for the buck imo, I usually buy it every 15 days not so much for the gems but to see the game grow and prosper.

What kind of armor do you currently have? If you do not have Celestial or Dragon that would be another good thing to purchase gems for :slightly_smiling:


I have 200 gems and I’m expecting reach 500 to buy dragon armor by free gems. I am wondering if spend money in gems is better than withe special chest (with serveral stones and a legendary) or anything else.

It depends how fast you want to get to VIP 5, and how you are set for troops already.

If you have specific Legendary troops you want, then save to buy the matching legendary pack, because that will come with traitstones to help get that legendary maxed out.

If you have lots of troops, and are stuck being short on Runic Traitstones, then pick up that packet.

If you don’t have a lot of troop, then buying gems → gem chests, is the way to get a lot of variety.

Getting enough gems for Dragon or Celestial Armor early is a major bonus.

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Well, buying the Daily Gems deal will earn ya 25 VIP pts., as opposed to the cheapest Minor Traitstones chest that would give 75 pts. I guess the starting point would hinge on how much money you are willing to spend. There’s several different options that could be taken.

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No hurry to reach vip5.
No hurry to get armor.
No hurry to traitstones.

No hurry at all…

I know, that’s why I opened the thread. = )

Yeah if you’re not in a rush just buy the daily gems every two weeks.


If you do decide to accelerate buy the minimum chests to get to the next level. The VIP % bonus will make breaking it up more worth while. Also if you are in no rush you could wait for a sale.

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Thanks folks!

You might think about the $20 Starter Pack as well. Great value. Otherwise stick to the daily gems. And def save all your gems for the Dragon Armor.


Considering Runic Traitstones drop at painfully and arbitrarily low rates, I hate to have to say Runic Traitstone Packs.