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**✨**Asha's World is looking for new members**✨**(29/30) 1 spot open

Asha’s World is looking for new members to help us continue our leaderboard climb,Not hardcore competitive; we’re playing for fun and mutual benefit.so we also finish all basic tasks and 3+ legendary tasks.

Guild Information:
League Rank: 12
Guild Level: 2041
Current League: Demi-God II
Daily Bonus: +450%

Our minimum weekly requirements are:

500k Gold
1500 Seals
25 GW battle
join our discord or QQ group


Requirements count 1 hours before reset .failed to met the requirements in 2 times will be kicked.:broken_heart:

we also have a discord group to discuss the game.you can join us on discord if you want to chat with us.

for anyone who’s interesting to join,please post your in-game invite code here or PM me.and me or anyone of our members can invite you.


2 spot available(❁´◡`❁)✲゚

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edit, changed my mind, sorry

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It doesn’t matter.good luck.:grinning:

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1 spot open.( ー̀εー́ ):grinning:

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2 spot open,welcome to join us,friend.:grin:

1 spot open.:grinning:

:grin:where are you,friend.:smile:

1 spot open again,welcome to join usq:grinning:

Im looking for a competitive guild :slight_smile: .
My invite code : BJOERNWULF_1
See u soon :wink:

invite sent,welcome to Asha’s world.

I would be interested in joining! EOWYN_8

I’ll send a invite when you quit your guild.

we have 1 seat available current.:slight_smile:

Can I call dibs? I can do the minimum reqs and more

I’m a daily player, my invite code is daphne_57
Well actually I’m addicted, I want an active guild,thanks

leave your invite code,friend.:grin:

you need quit your current guild at first.

Do you have two openings? Eowyn and I are both interested in joining and could easily meet the requirements.

leave yours invite code,friend