#souls when completing a challenge


You only get 225 souls with celestial armor when you complete a challenge at level hard?


The difficulty bonus is not applied to the armour bonus, but are additive or something. If you normally get 100 souls, and hard gives + 25% souls, celestial +100%. Then you get +125% = 225

But it’s way past my bedtime, so everything I am typing may be way off.


Looks correct to me.
Your total bonus can be seen in the top left of the map screen.
As melkathi points out the bonuses are additive, not multiplicative: 100% is the base value, +25% for difficulty, +100% for celestial= 225%
So 2.25x the normal value. 100x2.25=225


Wish you could reset a kingdom’s challenges and play through again for those soul rewards. More fun than arena and you get to use your own troops.


For some reason I was expecting more. My bad :frowning: