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Soulforge Mythic Rotation

There has actually been confirmation from the devs, but more importantly, @Stan’s analysis has been spot on since before he started this thread, so until the analysis in this thread is shown to be incorrect, I feel pretty comfortable relying on it.


Thanks @actreal. I had literally just copied that post and was about to paste it here.

I wouldn’t be wasting my time with this if it hadn’t been confirmed.

It is a holiday here Today, so I’ll update the OP tomorrow.


Original post is updated for Mythics now too.

It is interesting that the Widow Queen did appear in this rotation. I’d assume that Hyndla and Willow will appear this round as well then.

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Mythics updated in OP - everything continues to go according to plan.

@actreal: It looks like a couple surprises on the Legendary list if I’m not mistaken. When I have a few minutes, I’ll see about checking your work.

Edit: I’m stumped. I don’t see any problems with the list you’ve been using and the start of the cycle can’t have been wrong by more than half a week (Kerberos and Borealis might have been the start of the cycle in the week of Feb 12, but Leviathan and Sol’Zara, the other troops in that week, have appeared again in April/May). The cycle can’t have started any earlier than February 12, since Gog & Gud appeared in both February 5 and February 19.

The remaining troops on your list have not appeared in this rotation, so my only conclusion is that there is some kind of problem with the troop list that they are pulling Legendary troops from.

@CliffyA Can you have a look at the Legendary rotation and see if there is something going wrong here? I can’t see any reason why Moloch, Sekhma and Umberwolf would be repeating again so soon when Autumnal Imp, Liang, Magnus, Titania, Summer Imp, Winter Imp and Yao Guai (and maybe Willow) haven’t appeared.


Thanks for the back-up, @Stan. I’ve just been sitting here wondering what happened and why I can’t craft Magnus this week. All we can do now is hope that @CliffyA can explain/fix the rotation for next week, and appreciate that the Mythic rotation still seems to be working… :confused:

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After the last time troops snuck into the Soulforge we changed it so that only troops in gold and glory chests may appear. Looks like that blocked out the seasonal imps.

I’ve put it a fix to always allow those imps (Spring Imp, Autumnal Imp, Summer Imp, Winter Imp, Spooky Imp, Imp of Love), and I’ve made sure they are in the pool that refreshed this week.

Liang, Queen Titania, Magnus, Yao Guai and Willow were only added to the pool this week.

A side note, previously the pool would be created with every troop that had been defined in the backend, even ones that won’t be released for months. This can lead to situations where two troops released at the same time don’t end up in the same pool, probably what you were seeing here.

This has been changed, along with the previous chest change, so only released troops will be added to the pool.

Thanks for spotting that.


Thanks for the response @CliffyA

But does that mean I could be waiting another rotation for Magnus? :sob:

Does that mean we may no longer see Treasure Gnome, Pet Gnome, Valraven, and Cedric Sparklesack in the Soulforge?

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I’m afraid so, this week was the first chance to appear.

That’s correct. Their appearance in the Soulforge was a bug. You can find them as Vault rewards tho.

At least you’ll have him by mid-September? :grimacing:

With a new legendary rotation confirmed starting this week and some additional details on how the pool works, I’m formally tracking the rotation behind the scenes now but still am not planning to publish a list weekly. If anyone wants details, they can PM me or ask a question here. There are 68 Legendaries that should be in the pool this rotation, so 17 weeks (including this week) for all of them to appear.


Me neither, until the remaining list is short enough that it actually makes sense to publish.

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OP is updated for this week - just 5 mythics left in this rotation.

@Actreal I see Magnus is in the Soulforge this week, so you either got lucky or someone gave him a nudge for you.

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So if i understand correctly and with the current rotation coming to an end soonish, Ubastet will not even be in the pool for the next one?
So the earliest he might show up in the Forge is in a couple of months?

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I’m still not 100% sure about how newly introduced mythics are getting added to the pool but Ubastet is an ideal test case since the new rotation will start only 2.5 weeks after he was introduced. We’ll know for sure within the next two months.

If I had to guess, I’d say you’re probably right and the earliest he could show would be July 30 (though I also wouldn’t be surprised if he was in the next rotation).

The worst thing for me would be if he appeared on July 30, since I wouldn’t know which rotation he was in…


I appreciate your answer along with the whole thread and your investigative curiosity.
The reason i asked though was not for science but that i really want that damn mythic after having thrown all my stuff at it to no avail and i’d be really pissed if July 30 was the earliest he could even show up. Damn this useless Forge scam! :wink:

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OP updated for this week. Only one troop left in the current rotation, so Scorpius is guaranteed to appear next week along with three other mythics to start the next rotation, with that rotation finishing on July 30.

Wild Queen should appear in the next rotation for the first time. I don’t know whether Ubastet will or won’t.


I’m going to be a few hundred Diamonds short of 4000 this week, meaning I’m going to miss out on Pharos Ra :frowning:

Will I have to wait to almost the end of the next rotation to get him?

It’s my understanding that the next rotation “resets” everything, so he has a chance to appear at any time during the next rotation, not necessarily near the end again.


Except for next week as he can’t appear in consecutive weeks. But otherwise, anywhere in the next rotation.


Ok, thanks for that. I’ll just have to be patient… :frowning: