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Soul of Xathenos weapon broken

I play on pc/mobile and noticed the soul of Xathenos weapon is not stealing mana.

Example of what just happened:
The enemy troop (Forest Troll) is full of mana mana is ready to cast its ability. I cast my hero weapon (Soul of Xathenos) on the forest troll. It drains the trolls mana and does the appropriate damage. It DOES NOT give my hero the 12 mana that it is supposed to steal from the troop.

I noticed this several times today while doing pvp on several different troops. Is this weapon broken?

We’ve tried to reproduce this and haven’t been able to but the QA team is investigate further and see if we can do so again.

Interesting you mentioned that the spell drains mana and then does damage. Is that correct? Exactly what order did the spell occur?

I was using Soul of Xanthenos is Arena today and it seemed to be working as expected. Though you don’t get the mana if the enemy dies - which would be in line with the spell description of “deal damage, steal mana”. Can’t steal mana if the enemy is dead.

I would suggest taking a screenshot when the issue happens, it could be related to a trait or status effect.

I did narrow it down to more detail. I just did a battle where I used it several times. I did notice that if the enemy doesn’t die, the mana is stolen. If the enemy dies, no mana is stolen. Has this been changed recently?

I’ve used this weapon for a long time and it always stole mana regardless if the enemy died or not. I stopped using the weapon as often, trying to branch out and find other teams/weapons. This week when I went back to the soul of Xathenos, I noticed it wasn’t stealing as it did in the past. I assumed this was a bug.

The spell is “Deal X damage to an enemy, … . Steal their mana.” If the damage dealing is dealt with first, then by the time it’s time to steal the mana and the enemy is no longer there (due to being killed), then there is nobody to steal the mana from.

Maybe the fact it was stealing mana before was the bug.

Yeah, my thoughts - perhaps the wrong action is triggering at the wrong time or is being missed, hence if the enemy dies no mana is stolen. I’ll pass this onto the QA team.