[Not a bug]Ice Wraith's skill not working as intended

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What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
Ice wraith should steal 5 mana if hitting an already frozen enemy. Sometime it’s working as intended, other times no mana is stolen.
Managed to get it on screenshots this time.

First ss: showing an frozen Goblin King.
Second ss: showing Goblin King’s traits (to eliminate eventual mana drain immunity issues).
Third ss: shows the team after ice wraith shot the already frozen goblin king (and the ai team finished its own turn).
As you can see, ice wraith has 0 mana, so no mana have been stolen.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
I noticed it first during last bounty hunt event. Might have been around longer tho. It’s not 100% times happening, sometimes 5 mana are indeed stolen, sometimes not (even vs same enemy troop).

Steps to make it happen again
Just play any random explore with ice wraith, and have it target non-frozen immune, non-mana drain immune troops. Ideally on warlord 1+, otherwise enemies will die from its spell.

You might wanna take other screenshots. In the ones you provided goblin king has 0 mana before your cast. nothing to steal there

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In your first and secomd ss Goblin King has 0 mana
So you stole 0

In last Bounty event 99% of the troops were Elfs that all have immunity to mana steal


Hey I haven’t been able to reproduce this bug, can you please try to get a video where it happened and the enemy had mana when you cast the spell?

It was a mistake on my side, didn’t think about the mana of the troop. Every time the enemy actually had mans, it got stolen. When it didn’t had mana, it stole 0.

Nothing wrong with the skill in the end.

Changed the title to reflect that too.