Soul Harvest

Good job IP2! I foolishly didn’t expect a bug this bad. Constantly exceeding customer expectations I see!


the devs are being haloweenies haha


Was this your 1st, 2nd or 3+? It would be interesting to know if you managed to go beyond the current “cap” of 2 (screenshot showing 3+ if available).

Devil in legendary task which one ?

3rd. I got 2 yesterday and zero today other than the LT one.


Where are the devils? I was promised devils!!!

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Thank you. Also, that you for making it clear that it was from an LT and not trolling everyone by saying you farmed it. Was a road you could’ve taken but gladly you didn’t.


If/when they fix the reset issue, if they choose to keep the hard cap. It’ll be interesting to see if receiving it from a LT goes against your limit.

Bumping in case this is the thread they decide to check on.

This issue is important to my account because 5 copies gives me the last Ghulvania weapon that I need to get out of ingot offer purgatory. I haven’t been able to upgrade my purple doom weapon because we only get scrolls every 66 weeks.

It would be frustrating to stay stuck in ingot purgatory because of another bug.


I was stuck there in ingot purgatory for Stormheim until last week. Salvation shall surely come! And it’s glorious when you break out of those daily ingot offers.

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Maybe I’m being overly optimistic but I’m going to sleep now hoping to wake up after reset tomorrow and have the flesh golem back in the battlecrasher cycle. Whether it’s 1 a day or 2 a day, either is more than enough to craft the weapon before reset.

Yes, I’m annoyed at the issue at hand, but if it’s fixed tomorrow, even if with confirmation that it’s capped at 1 a day, I’ll be happy considering the issue resolved. So fingers crossed…

Edit: I was one of the lucky ones whose guildmates had gone to the forums earlynso was forewarned and didn’t waste any time farming for something that wasn’t there. So I’m frustrated at yet another bug but not feeling swindled since I spent a productive day doing other more rewarding things.


Hello all!

Just in case, I have just made a thread in regards to The Flesh Horror not currently appearing since daily reset. So we can have any updates or further information in one place for players to refer to.


still not spawning

Have you restarted the game lately? Many other players have had Flesh Horror appear for them today.


yes; restarted several times. played for 3 hours so far an no spawn

The fact that Kafka or anyone who represents the game would say to wait until an event is over to express issues or feedback is exactly why everyone feels those in charge don’t care about what we think. Kafka clearly says how easy it is to get 2 Devil’s while casually playing yet we only get 1 copy as compensation for it not being in drops yesterday and not 2 because they don’t want someone earning too many copies of a limited time troop?!?
Maybe I will wait until the campaign is over to let them know I’ve quit playing the game so as not bother them during an event


Got Devil #4!!!

Finally! Got Trick and Treat

need 1 more copy here.