Soul Harvest


Soul Harvest Begins

Soul Harvest is upon us, over the next 7 days, Gems of War will have several spooky events for our players to enjoy.

Soul Harvest will begin at weekly reset.

Soul Harvest Battlecrashers

During the Soul Harvest, we will have 2 different battlecrasher troops.

Battlecrasher number one is this year’s Halloween Troop, The Flesh Horror, who will drop a new Tarot Card, The Devil. The Flesh Horror is a rare encounter in PVP and Explore, which will decrease its chance to appear each time it is defeated. His chance to appear will reset each day at daily reset.

Battlecrasher number two is The Keeper of Souls, who will drop 50 Souls. He will have a flat chance to be encountered in PVP and Explore, the same as previous battlecrashers players have encountered.

New Craftable Mythic Weapon: Trick and Treat

Trick and Treat will be craftable from the Soulforge. It requires five copies of The Devil, dropped from the Flesh Horror battlecrasher this week, as well as Souls and Gems to craft.

Trick and Treat will only be available to craft until the end of November, before it will disappear until October next year.

New Tarot Card: The Devil

The Devil will release with the start of the Soul Harvest Event. For the next week, players will have a chance to earn him by defeating The Flesh Horror battlecrasher.

He will appear in the Vault, 3-4 weeks after the Soul Harvest event ends.

Special Adventure Boards

During the Soul Harvest event this week, each day will have a special Halloween-themed Adventure Board with past Halloween Troops or Halloween-themed Troops available to earn.

The final day, on Halloween itself, The Flesh Horror will become available in both a Special Adventure Board and in Chests.

Heroic Gems Return: Uber Doomskulls and Lycanthropy Gem

During the Soul Harvest event, Uber Doomskulls and Lycanthropy Gems will return, randomly appearing as drops in puzzle battles.


So the success of this event will largely hinge on how rare this rare encounter is…

Don’t know whether to be excited or worried.


This sounds pretty fun :slight_smile:


Is there a cap to the number of times Flesh Horror can be encountered per day?


@Jeto if the devil is transformed during the match due to Lycanthropy has it been tested to ensure the player will still receive credit toward the weapon?


Incidentally, there don’t seem to be posts in Latest News for this or the Campaign Starts news; this means that the (automated?) tweets from @gemsofwar contain broken links.

(It feels like the news posts went wrong the moment Salty left and still aren’t right…)

[on edit, later: fixed now]

Just to confirm, The Devil has the chance to drop from successfully defeating The Flesh Horror, are you checking if this is still the case if The Flesh Horror is transformed?


My worry is due to how rewards like that worked when Lycanthropy first came out. But then after a lot of “feedback” rewards and sigils work differently for the most part now than they did before. (Which is a good thing.)

But this is the first battle crasher that rewards a troop copy so it’s certainly unprecedented.

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Will and has the chance are not the same thing.

Will is a guarantee, has the chance is not.

I guess the latter is true - but this is another of these instances where you set yourselves up for trouble because of shoddy communication.

And why do you have to bring back the one gem everyone hates?

I’m trying to be excited about the event but you make it hard. :sweat_smile:


Which chests will this new Troop be available in? If I missed it in the post sorry about that. I know it says Legendary and I assume that means Event Chests . Just wanted a clarification is all.


Yes, this would be good to make specific for clarity’s sake prior to the 31st,

Glory, Guild, VIP, Gem. Like The Ghost Queen last year.
No exclusive.

Event chests are Silverglade next week.

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That is good to know . I didn’t remember that about the Ghost Queen last year . Ty

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Wasn’t the Ghost Queen released through Adventure Boards last year?


If Lycanthropy returns temporarily, that is the time to do potionless Labyrinth faction - makes it easier than doing without Lyc.


Yes, and also available on the mentioned chests the same day. NTCRKR1225 (or whatever) as well.
Like The Flesh Horror will be this year.

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Is the chance for this battlecrasher to appear equal between PVP and Explore?

Does any level of Explore have the same chance as any other, or does the appearance rate increase with difficulty?


This seems fun! I know I’m not alone in assuming there will be some frustrating bug along with it, but I’m excited to play this, and this tarot card looks like it will be pretty easy to get compared to the other ones


Lets get the 2 MOST important questions out of the way and answered BEFORE this comes up in game.

1 - Does crafting Trick & Treat CONSUME the 5 copies of The Devil or just REQURE them similar to Heart of RAge?

2 - If some lucky/poor soul manages to get 6 copies of the Devil and ascends it to 1 copy of Mythic before making the weapon, are they then counted as having 1 or 6 copies for purposes of Crafting Trick & Treat?

Getting these answered BEFORE the event starts would be a good start on the better communication route.


lots of critical questions here, i hope @Jeto or other devs will answer them all :smiley: