Soul Harvest

Probably not, they don’t care. This bug will be swiped under the carpet again with 50 gems compensation, so everybody who wants the new weapon have to farm vault keys which rarely drop tarot troops.
But hey look at the bright side the game is for free!


The Devil […]
He will appear in the Vault, 3-4 weeks after the Soul Harvest event ends.

Trick and Treat will only be available to craft until the end of November, before it will disappear until October next year.

Good luck on that, if The Devil even makes it into Vault battle rewards by ‘the end of November’.

It will make it in with 1 week to go - conveniently on a vault weekend when we have the vault key flash offer available…

I recommend that anyone who has done any battles today outside of the faction invasion and world events (where there are no battle crashers) or pet rescues should submite a service ticket for lost rewards, since the chance for Flesh Horror to appear was not reset as advertised. (and select “missing rewards or game content”)





Done. Also, I forgot they ask what your VIP level is when putting in a ticket. How ridiculous…

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That is mostly because they want to serve the ones with a VIP level (people that put money into the game) before freebees, I think?


lol and you don’t see any issues with that?

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To be honest, no. If support is so overwhelmed that they cannot keep up with even the tickets from customers at high VIP levels, they surely cannot deal with the flood from F2P players and the department needs to be staffed better.


It just feels weird they want you to enter that number yourself. Is that a trust based priority queue? Or do they manually verify each VIP level, bogging down the whole support process?

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Also throwing in here that Werewolf from the “Special Adventure Board” today feels extremely cheap. If you need Werewolf you’re probably not going to be beating the team required to get it anyway…


Arachnean weaver is kinda halloweeny, so maybe it will be there some day this week :thinking: :grin:

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I’ve been pvp’ing for 6 hours on Day 2. Not a single spawn of Flesh Horror. I got 2 yesterday. I think something is wrong.


this would explain a lot even after the first Thursday GaP because they didnt pick up on it until the following day.

After this mess up by the devs again. The diminishing returns to 0 after 2 devil should be removed and just made as frequent as a normal gnome.

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Done, submitted!

Done, submited

I just got The Devil in one of my LTs. Is it even supposed to be in the LT drop pool???