Sort Ascensions Before Traits


I love that you provided the opportunity to sort by upgradability, however the order of priority is backwards in my opinion. With the rarity of traits, I often have multiple cards that I could but never would trait while I am waiting to trait cards I will use or in kingdoms I am targeting. With the current set up I then have to scroll through all of these to find cards that can be ascended but don’t have enough traitstones to be at the top of the list. It is just a minor annoyance but one that should be easy to fix.


I agree. Ascension has priority in my book. Things with both should come first, but things that can ascend should come before things that can upgrade traits… right now traits have priority.


+1 and random characters.


+1 from me as well. It’s been a minor annoyance for me as well.


+1 because most of the times you don’t wanna spend your traitstones on troops you don’t use, but using duplicates to ascend troops is either always a good option, or at least I can’t use those cards to ascend any other troops (although you could turn them into Souls), and traitstones are used by all troops.


+1, I don’t even use that sort option to find traits I can unlock, only for ascension, as I will hand pick the cards I wanna unlock the traits on, while I will simply ascend a card anytime I can.


Totally agree - been a minor annoyance for me as well. The problem will solve itself over time though, since ascending troops will become less likely when you finally need 100ish of a single common


i have a strange type of color blindness - i have a very hard time see the difference between green and blue. A sort with ascension before trait or even trait before ascension would be SOOO helpful.


Could have different symbols to help with that. Although if your variety of colour blindness isn’t particularly common then it mightn’t be a priority.

Still. Ascension gets an UP ARROW and Traits gets a PLUS… wouldn’t be too hard.


it is not a common one - say like green-red… so not a priority as far as i am concerned. @Mufasha Would it help your request?


That’s odd. Mine seems to sort ascensions before traits. At least, the ascension possible troops are always in front for me.


When you can do both ascension or unlock traits, they appear first (half blue, half green arrow). Are you sure it’s the full blue arrow appearing before full green arrows?


I do not have colorblindness so my annoyance is very minor. You’re seems like it would be far more frustrating. I would personal vote to differentiate symbols first and then order.


Ah, you might be right. I tend to see the double arrows. Will have to go back and look at the rest of them now.


I agree that it should differentiate better in the colours too. I usually also have to go through my cards carefully in upgrading traits or ascension


Currently I have enough traitstones to trigger the green arrow on all non-epics non-legendaries so the “to be ascended” ones go in front again (double), but this has been a significant annoyance to me as well.
Also because I often scroll one screen down too many due to loading times.


I have problems with the blue/purple as well, even if the symbols is differently, mistakes happens.


Yes please. I am always ascending any ascendable troop so I scroll past pages of traitable troops to find them every time.


I was just thinking this while working through some ascensions this morning! Can we get something from @Sirrian or @Nimhain about this being in 1.09 (or earlier)?



Yep - we have that marked down for 109, both the sorting AND a replacement of the icon for colorblind folks.