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Sons of Anarchy is looking for new prospects


Hey everybody!

Sons of Anarchy is looking for new prospects to join our ranks.

Don’t let the Guild name fool you, your gender doesn’t matter. Over here we’re all treated equally. We have some of the nicest people in our crew, both male and female.

Don’t hesitate to apply for membership right away if you can do 100k gold, 800 seals, 100 trophies & Guild Wars.

Being part of the Sons means you’ll have access to all the cake you could possibly eat. New recruits also have access to free pony rides and might be eligible for hugs.

Either send me a message on XBL (GT = Spiderstyle) or drop me a message over here.

Blood could make you related. Loyalty will make you family.


Nice PhotoShop work on your banner :+1:


Thanks Strat. :smile:

I’m sorry folks. I just got informed these is no more cake. All the cake is gone. Dave ate it all. Sorry.

But don’t worry! There will be new cake! Soon! :slight_smile:

Just join us anyway. I promise, new cake is incoming.

It was moist and delicious. New cake incoming and available to all members

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Time to necro this old thread to get more people.

Only difference between now and then is 1000 Guild Seals all the rest is the same.

Been part of the guild for a looooooooongggg time, great group of people.

You can still send a message to Spider or to me on XBL PattyPoo13