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Sons of Anarchy Recruiting HIGHLY ACTIVE players! BT/ET/LT will be done every week!


Are you tired of being in a guild where everyone doesn’t pitch in? Are you worried about getting LTs after 4.7 hits?

Get a jump on the upcoming patch update by joining Sons of Anarchy, League Rank 30 and Climbing!

New reqs for 4.7 Update:
300 Trophies
2 million Gold
Max Seals
GW: All 30 Battles Completed
ToD: push for leaderboard by using all sigils
Invasion and Raid Boss: Reasonable event participation (no stated minimums)

• All Basic and Epic Tasks will be completed with 10 or more LTs on top.
• Coordinated LT Dump weeks.
• A spirit of fun and competition where everyone does their share.
• All events completed well before the week is over.
• Easy Guild Wars Bracket (for now – we take progression seriously).

Come climb with us, grind with us, earn with us, and have fun with us in Sons of Anarchy!

If you’re interested, come join our discord at https://discord.gg/PkANRZY