Sons of Anarchy Recruiting HIGHLY ACTIVE players! BT/ET/LT will be done every week!


Are you tired of being in a guild where everyone doesn’t pitch in? Are you worried about getting LTs after 4.7 hits?

Get a jump on the upcoming patch update by joining Sons of Anarchy, League Rank 30 and Climbing!

New reqs for 4.7 Update:
300 Trophies
2 million Gold
Max Seals
GW: All 30 Battles Completed
ToD: push for leaderboard by using all sigils
Invasion and Raid Boss: Reasonable event participation (no stated minimums)

• All Basic and Epic Tasks will be completed with 10 or more LTs on top.
• Coordinated LT Dump weeks.
• A spirit of fun and competition where everyone does their share.
• All events completed well before the week is over.
• Easy Guild Wars Bracket (for now – we take progression seriously).

Come climb with us, grind with us, earn with us, and have fun with us in Sons of Anarchy!

If you’re interested, come join our discord at