Sons of Anarchy (top 3 trophy/week guild, rank 38) are looking for high trophy contributors! 50+LTs weekly, 30k+ trophies weekly, 40k seals done on Tuesdays, all events completed!

Welcome to Sons of Anarchy! We are a trophy oriented guild and our main goal is climbing the trophy leaderboard and becoming one of the top guilds in the game! We are in top 3 trophy/week guilds and growing stronger each day! So if you want to experience(or relive) the thrill of gaining leaderboard ranks, look no further!

:star: Things we guarantee :star:

  • 40k seals done on Tuesdays
  • 50+ LTs weekly on average
  • All events completed

:crossed_swords: Minimums we ask for weekly :crossed_swords: :

  • 750K Gold
  • 500 Trophies
  • Full Raid Boss/Invasion/ToD participation, 30 GW battles

Important thing to keep in mind that these are minimums for those busy weeks when real life takes over and that our motivated and enthusiastic members currently average more than 2 Million Gold and over 1000 Trophies week in and week out!

Sons of Anarchy are a bit over a year old, resulting in us still being in lower Guild Wars brackets meaning that Guild Wars are stress-free and only a competition between guild members to see who can come out on top and claim Paragon for that month!

If interested, please make sure to join our Discord Server or add me on Discord Defiant#5405


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Update 11th July 2019: 1-2 spots available :smiley: