Join the most rewarding guild: Sons of Anarchy - 200+ LTs weekly

Do you feel that you are missing guild rewards? Well, if you are playing this game 14 hours a week (2 hours a day) and not getting 200+ LTs EVERY single week, then you do.

Join the most rewarding guild in the game: Sons of Anarchy. We ask for 3K trophies and 3M gold, which is easily doable by playing the game 2 hours per day. In return, you get 200+ LTs, many mythics, and all the pets you need.

Don’t be a stranger; join our discord: The Sons Family

Or DM Cronus#7132 or Outlaw#3798.

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lol I play plugged in charging all day every day. But I’m on switch!

Would make a great anarchist. Sorry PC/mobile only.

I know I made a guild similar to ya’lls sons of chaos except mine is BROTHERS OF CHAOS but no one has joined yet sadly.

Recruiting comes in batches. Sometimes too dry, sometimes overflows :slight_smile: of course not sure how things are in Switch, I am talking for mobile.

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