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SONS of ANARCHY #1 , SONS of CHAOS #49 and SONS of GUNS almost in top 100, all 3 are recruiting

Currently one opening. Come visit and see if we are a good fit for you!

Super active family of 90 experienced/helpful people. Come check us out.

Anarchy 150+ average LT’s
Chaos 50-75 LT’s weekly
Guns 20-40 LT’s weekly.

1 spot is currently open in Guns, 1 in Anarchy. Grab them while you can…

The Sons: discord.gg/PkANRZY

Anarchy will develop your account in a hurry. Tons of loot every week, scads of top-tier veteran players to give deck advice, a mythic drop from LT’s pretty much every week, and lots and lots of pets. Come check them out today.

The Sons: discord.gg/PkANRZY

Join the most rewarding Guild in the Game!

3 million Gold
3000 Trophies
World Event, ToD, Invasion, and Raid Boss: Non Zero. We finish all Events easily.
No GW requirements.

The most LTs in the past year at 9900+! 191 LT average over the past 52 weeks!
150+ LTs every week!
• Gold Dump weeks with 250+ LTs .
54 Mythic LTs in the last 52 weeks.
• Competitive, fun, and very rewarding. Have you ever wondered what it would feel like in a Guild where everybody played to your level?

We are looking for treasure hunters or those aspiring to be. Why settle for less? Come join us and start swimming in LTs at the top! :smiley:

If you’re interested in learning more, come join our discord at The Sons Family or DM Allissa#5641