The Four Sons are recruiting

The Four Sons, family of four guilds: Anarchy, Chaos, Guns and Mischief is recruiting! We are here for beginners, eventers and hardcore grinders alike. If you are interested, visit our discord to find out more.

:trophy: Anarchy :trophy: has several spots open for those who love trophies as much as we do! Requirements are 500k gold / 300 Trophies / 1500 seals / full event participation. LTs start on Monday and 40k chests every week. Currently 34th in the Leaderboard.

@:smirk_cat: Chaos :smirk_cat: an event guild, no reqs but full paeticipation in events, several LTs weekly, 40k chests, fun and relaxed guild with high ambitions. If you are tired of trophy grinding, this is the high paced guild for you!

@:unicorn: Guns :unicorn: is the newbie/casual guild. We try to strike a balance of about 2/3 newer players to 1/3 experienced players looking to chill, but still be active. This gives newer players a chance to grow and learn the game without the stress of a gold requirement, while the experienced players put gold in to the tasks so those new players don’t miss out on keys/souls/etc.
500 seals min / 10 Trophies / 0 gold while you level kingdoms to 10.
Because many of our players are working to move to our other guilds for more experienced players, there are usually 1 -2 openings every Sunday.

@:skull_and_crossbones: Mischief :skull_and_crossbones: is a caual and relaxed guild leisurly rising to the top at our own speed. We welcome all hunters, eventers and adventurers who want to become a part of our great family. We ask for 100k gold/ 1500 seals and only 100 trophies. We expect event participation and active communication. We get a couple LTs every week as well as 40k chests and we complete every event.

Come and see us at: