Something is up with the team calculations - my team

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?

Okay so I have a spreadsheet I work on each day to help me with tracking team points, upgrades, etc.

My team (Dark Cats) last night was 4813 (and I was 119 level) logout
This morning when I logged in the team was at 4683 (thought that was odd but didn’t stop)
I went up to level 120 today and my team went to 4813
I logged off an hour ago
I just logged back in and it’s back at the 4683

BTW, now after I rebooted the Android, and relogged in the team says 4822. Again nothing other than I shut the game down and rebooted the Android and relogged back in

At first I thought it was just me being tired this morning, but now I am concern that something keeps messing with my team total.

What are the steps to make it happen again?

Have no clue other than get to 4813, log off - come back hours later and find that I’m at 4683.

Do you have any screenshots or video you want to share with us so we can see the problem? Attach them to your post!

I’ve tried now three times with the instructions but for some reason NOTE 5 does not seem to behave as other android for side buttons.

The other weird thing I noticed is that while I was doing kingdoms - the name of the Enemy troops was the last team I lost to on PvP.

Is there some reason the cache server sync might be screwing up, and is there any way to actually tell if my character is okay

This is very strange indeed. And I really would love to capture the screens to show you it’s just randomly doing this.

Did you level up? That might be enough to explain the 4813 → 4822 difference. I’m not sure how the 4683 number came about, though.

Doubtful, because I myself have experienced a difference of 600 points in a blink. No explanation that I can think of. It seems like my fights are getting a bit easier because of it.

Okay - idled for an hour was at 4831
Logged out
Logged back in
Went to 4692

ABSOLUTELY NOTHING but logging out after idling for an hour and then logging back in. So I grabbed my camera and took a picture of it, and will grab a picture when it changes again.

And sure enough just three games later (+52xp) it switches back to 4831 - same level nothing other than 2 challenges in Wild Plains Headstrong (2 & 3 both won) and then pop back over to PvP Casual - another win +52xp and pick a new opponent and voila - 4831

Using update 2.0.106 btw

And my hunch of logging off and logging back in would reduce it back down to 4692 - did exactly that.

Last night just before I logged off - 4845

This morning just after logging in 4706

(Update 8/31)
This is still happening on every login

The workaround is to do a PVP (doesn’t matter if it is rank or casual) then start your normal kingdom work.

Not sure if it’s affecting what I get in PVP but you can get your correct totals back after one round of PVP