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(Solved) My invite code got this disturbing "_DEACTIVATED" suffix

I’m worried that my account will be grouped with inactive accounts or might be deleted.
What should i do to remove the _DEACTIVATED part?
It’s also a hassle to type that long when redeeming codes…

Have you ever been banned, even temporarily?

Nope. But I have a suspicion on what’s the cause.

You see, the device (tablet) that i was using before is linked to my main account (1), then i made an alternate account (2) and linked it the tablet. I was asked which account i wanted to remain, I chose the account 2 coz i know account 1 will not be erased (coz it’s linked to my PC).

I can still use both accounts 2 fine, but account 1 got this _DEACTIVATED at the end of invite code.

If you switched account, the old account is deactivated.
You can still play it fine right now because you still have a device connected to it, but if you ever switch that out too, the _Deactivation flag will prevent you from logging back in.

You can just submit a ticket to support and they’ll remove it for ya

How do i submit ticket?
:laughing: I’m new to this forum so i thought this topic will get the attention of support team…

Depends on how busy the devs are, most of the times they’ll just tell you to contact support.
Support Ticket link here:

Got it! Thanks Sidousai!

Fixed! Please relaunch/close open the game to see these changes. To avoid account deactivation in the future check out this article.

It did :wink:


Many Thanks Cyrup! :laughing:

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