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Account deactivated for no reason

Describe your issue:
My account was deactivated and I can’t get invited to a new guild despite currently being logged in and active on my own account. I haven’t logged in on another account or logged my main account out. I couldn’t connect to chat servers all last week and when I went to see why I couldn’t get invited to my guild I saw my invite code listed as _DEACTIVATED. I’m VIP10, have been playing for over a year, and have no idea why this happened.!


Addendum: I don’t chat in global, I don’t make rude statements to people, I don’t message anyone with anything other than attempts at being helpful (see my posts on Reddit), and I don’t see how this could be a general/chat ban unless there are some rules against offering support to new players I was unaware of. I don’t bot, I was laid off on Christmas and have nothing better to do than grind trophies all day. I haven’t violated any community guidelines and I haven’t posted any personal opinions on the forums.


Use this link to send in a ticket, you might get help faster that way, but you can be lucky on the boards too.

This happens when you are switching accounts around on a single device. Nothing to do with any form of punishment. I think you can fix it your self if you link your account again…? Otherwise Devs will get it corrected.


I haven’t logged out, I kept it on mobile the entire time, which is why I went to it being deactivated for me. I’ve lost my alt enough times to know to be careful logging in on devices I don’t want to keep it active on.

I’m currently able to log in and play, but it says _DEACTIVATED by my invite code, when it was my alt that got deactivated I was just unable to use the account in any capacity. Also, I can’t join a new guild as my invite code is sour so I’m currently guildless.

Your invite code still works. Just add the _deactivated part. Or post on any global channel, tell the guild to send you an invite from global chat.
They can send you an invite from your profile.
_deactivated doesn’t have any negative connotations, _banned does. :grinning:

Thank you for the suggestion, awryan, but I guess it’s too many characters to fit in the invite box since I used my full username, haha.

Damn… global chat invite doesn’t work? It’s saying you are invite only?
How about the guild taking invite only off.
Then you joining them by finding them under guild search?

It won’t let me connect to global to get invited that way either. I imagine it has something to do with my deactivation as it hasn’t worked all week but I never bothered to find out why.

And I’ll pose that as an idea if someone doesn’t respond to the ticket I submitted, thank you.


Account was reactivated, thanks all!