~~Solophobia~~ Rank 17: [1 spot] Come join this great family! 40k seals, 15+ LT's weekly! Bracket 3-5 GW


Hello! We are still searching for a few members, let me know if you are interested :slight_smile: thanks!


We still have open spots availible for anyone interested, please just contact me :slight_smile:


Hello, Solophobia still has availible spots for anyone interested :slight_smile:


Open spots still availible in this great group & this top twenty guild! :slight_smile:


Hi all! Still open slots availible, if interested please contact me :slight_smile:


Open spots availible, can Pm me here or reach me on discord @ Strawn#7589


Hello all! Still searching for a few , as we still have open spots! If anyone’s interested be sure to contact me here or on discord @Strawn#7589



I am very interested in joining if you still have room. I am currently looking for a place where I can continue to level up my troops, farm traitstones, and hang with like minded players.

I am currently level 747, I can contribute over 600k gold weekly, I normally get 350 trophies weekly, and I always max out on my seals weekly. I compete in all events including guild wars; however, sometimes my Raid Boss/Invasions are limited due to my troops not always being the best for the week. (Still leveling many of them).

If this meets your criteria and you feel I may be a good fit, please feel free to send a message or invite: Celphonics_XPPF. Thanks for your consideration and I look forward to playing with you all soon.

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Still got some spots to fill, come join this great group! if anyone’s interested please let me know :slight_smile:


Hey we need some spots to fill! If interested play get in contact with me :slight_smile: