So many levels and gems and so little time


I feel how close i am to leveling to 100 and how close i am to getting my first armour. Is there a way to get gems faster than using maps to get 4-5 per map without using money(no cheats) Also i am aware that my map is over zoomed or whatever i already put a topic up for it.


A fast paced guild is also a great source of Gems if everyone is actively contributing for Gem mining tasks.


Other than guilds, I found using manual match teams with few to little down time to give a decent amount of gems. Every match that the player makes by shifting a gem on the board gives a chance for a gold key, which gives the chance of gold, glory, or gems. Having a team that has a damage output of skulls only with a decent amount of gem spawning would be good. These types of teams are also more likely to get 7x cascades for maps. Abhorath is also a good unit to have for this build for his ability alone can sometimes give you a map due to the ridiculous cascade, or backfire horribly. :stuck_out_tongue: