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So here's an example why Explore is totally worth it

I decided to save some Glory and use Explore to trait my new Dragon Knight via Explore. I need 1 Runic Fire and 1 Runic Earth to get his second trait and then I just need to spend a few hours the rest of the week getting the arcanes I need.

In the last 45 minutes, I’ve gotten ZERO runic stones and FOUR arcanes. :wink:

thats the way to go
farm minors or runics and arcanes may pop in xD
farm arcanes and you may feel dissatiscaction…


yep. The funny thing is, because Dragon Knight is a base UR, his 3rd trait only requires 3 arcanes. Once I get this last Runic Earth, he’ll be fully-traited because I already have the needed arcanes.

Yep, explore is always worth it in the long run. I’m on a bit of a bad streak for Arcanes as of recently so I’m trending closer toward 1/18 after my 113th Arcane drop, but still well within reason.

It is still very, very RNG dependent, though. Looking at my recorded drops, if I take the fastest I’ve ever gotten three arcane drops versus the slowest (assuming I’m still using my fastest possible team), it’d be somewhere between between three and a half minutes and two and a half hours to get three aracanes.

Yeah, it’s definitely random. The thing is, I’ve traited well over a dozen legendaries in the last couple of months. That would have been nigh impossible without Explore. In fact, the time before we had Explore pretty much proves it…

I’ve played about 30 more Explores this afternoon. I still haven’t gotten the runic Earth I need, but I’ve gotten FOUR MORE arcanes. LOL

The best part is that I also need to trait the new legendary. If I was actually trying her, I’d be getting nothing but runics and no arcanes. :wink:

If you need any other brown/xxx arcanes, switch targets. Like if you need Brown/Blue arcanes hit Broken Spire, can still get your earth runic but if an arcane drops it is more useful.

Oh, explore has been great for me. I think I’ve been averaging an arcane every 15 or so matches. I managed to finish traiting Emperor Khorvash and am only 4 away from traiting salad dragon from my playing over the weekend.

Sure, I know that, that wasn’t really my point. I was just enjoying how ironically random the RNG can be sometimes.

1 per 15 is close to the expected average. In 534 explores I got 34 arcanes, 1 per 15.7


I find explore cruel, though worth it. It is as if it can tell what I am looking for and gives me everything else. Go looking for arcane and get lots of runic, go looking for runic and only get arcane. Go looking for both and get a string of celestial. Never what I want when i want it.

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Sometimes I get so very unlucky. Just the other week I was farming for my last summer that I needed.

I wasn’t done with my seals for the week so it was easy for me to keep track of my battles…
46! It took 46 to get the last one I needed. I was a little frustrated to say the least.

And then I find out the very next week there’s a pure yellow troop released… gaarr!
I would have much rather put those 46 battles in pridelands to trait up my courage if I had only had a crystal future telling ball :stuck_out_tongue:

I once had a stretch of over 200 matches without a single arcane or celestial. :rage: