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Slightly Selective Chest Openings Suggestion

I will probably get some hate from this, but here goes!

I think it would be nice to have more selective chest openings at the cost of a higher price per chest. At first I was thinking picking a color or Troop Type, but I came up with an idea I think would be the most acceptable.

Having the option to open cards that belong to your home kingdom! Now, hear me out on this, because I think it could be totally fair.

Card openings are pretty much crossing your fingers and hoping for the best, and that applies to all TCGs. However, Magic The Gathering, Pokemon, Yuigoh and all the rest of those guys have things called ‘sets’ of which you can ask for a pack whatever (Shadows Over Innistrad is the most recent MTG set) and have a chance of opening what you want without paying a higher price for the card straight off.

With GoW, it’s like some dude tossed in approximately 190 cards into a brown paper bag and shook it all up, then reached in for you and said ‘Here you go! Enjoy!’ as he hands you a Peasant.

With this idea, you could pick an optional chest button to spend more to roll for cards only from your home kingdom. This would make it SO much more awesome! Always wanted that one Troop for 6 months now? Well, there is still a random chance, but your odds are higher now! It would also make people have to change their home kingdom to the kingdom they want more often. Of course, you would have to make the chests cost more, but that’s a given, and you could keep the different chest types as well! You might have to bump up the price of changing your kingdom, but that’s not that big a deal and I feel like people would be okay with that.

The best part: you could still have gold, souls, and trait stones in said chests. You could make the traitstones that of the kingdom’s colors to also make those a bit easier, but still have gold and souls to throw into the mix so that it keeps the ratio of opening legendaries and the like low.

What do you guys think? :grinning:

Not sure, maybe this got lost in the shuffle…but BUMP! either way.

Well technically what you’re describing is the event chests. Granted it isn’t on the same scale but that is their function for the troop of the week and the kingdom it belongs to.

Yes. So event chests are basically the combination of M:TG expansion boosters, and the Disney Vault. “If you like Karakoth troops, act fast, because after this week they’re G-O-N-E gone for half a year!”


Ahh, okay, I guess that makes sense.

Thanks so much for that!