Skill Priority Customization?

Would it be hard to implement a customization feature for skill priority for the AI to follow when it is running our defense?
Nothing too complex, just a matter of assigning 1 to 4 on our team roster. And the AI will simply run down the list when determining what skills to invoke (if available)

For example:

Main Character: Priority 3
Gorgotha: Priority 4
Goblin Shaman: Priority 2
Hobgoblin: Priority 1

This way, Hobgoblin will always fire before any other skills. If it is not available, then check to see if Goblin Shaman is ready and so on. Gorgotha is left for last since it functions as a mana-refiller, and there is no point to use it when there are other skills ready to fire.

This feature could also make PVP much more challenging, not to mention it could add an extra layer of fun to figure out how best to arrange your own defensive team.

I don’t know what programming language this game runs on, but it doesn’t feel like a major change in term of code.
Basically, just replace the default PickRandomSkill() with a Check1234() function. It’s only a couple lines of code, top.


I think that’s a great idea, and definitely something we’ve talked about here.
I think this would go nicely with a set of features that report back to you how your team performs (possibly even battle replays), so that you could fine-tune the team’s behavior in order to improve your performance.

Once we have the PvP updates in place in 1.0.9, I think this may be something we look at implementing for a future update.


…and I realise that I just accidentally necro’ed an old thread!


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