Skeleton Key (+10) - An Extra Turn is not always awarded, Treacherous Perk conflict?

Platform, device version and operating system:
PC, Steam client,, OS: Win 7x64 SP1 (all up-to-date)
This bug was spotted by me on the 2nd of December of 2018.

Screenshot or image:
Skeleton Key +10:

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Sometimes, but it could be always under some specific conditions, during a PvP match - 3 Trophies.
I heard that it started happening since the weapon was introduced, 4.1 update.
I suspect the Treacherous perk (9th weapon upgrade) on the Skeleton Key. Not sure about it 100%.
The Skeleton Key is fully upgraded (+10). Unfortunately, I was not recording my match when it happened.
I don’t recall the exact enemy team, because the opponent had a different team when I checked the History.

Steps to make it happen again
The Skeleton Key killed my 1st (upper enemy target) and the 4th one (bottom enemy target).
However, the only difference was that the Treacherous perk triggered (+5 additional damage) instead, and not the direct damage by the weapon. I think that when (additional +5 damage - Treacherous perk) that killed the bottom target, caused me to lose my turn, even though that should not have happened. I also did not have any Freezing effects applied. I also don’t recall if I had the Enraged or/and Barrier perk active.

My Team configuration: (The Dragon Armor perk - Titan 100, fully upgraded - Level 1170, same for others)
My Banner: Slayer Banner - Dhrak-Zum
Titan - The Skeleton Key (+10) weapon
Cedric Sparklesack

Titan Talents:
Stone Circle
Storm Aura
Rock Solid

I hope that this is enough in order to replicate this problem.
The enemy team must be such that it will kill the last, fourth target, with a treacherous perk, if my theory is correct and valid. If it is, then an extra turn won’t be awarded and ignored.


Thanks very much for this @Koromac!

It would be great if you see this again if you could please note the exact Troops on the enemy team + any status effects active at the time and every Troop’s Trait. Even a screenshot after it happens is helpful.

We have another report from a player so I added your report with theirs for the team.

Yes, especially since I am seeing that it’s not always happening, so this bug may be tied to a specific troop/unit setup, not just the weapon perk. I’ll keep an eye on it, and more importantly, I’ll immediately take a screenshot to ensure the validity of information.

On a side note: It would have been nice if you could see the Troops’ history, not just what the player currently has equipped in his Defense Team. Still, taking a screenshot immediately can solve this problem anyway.

Also, it’s probably this report.

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Yes, that’s the report I was referring too, but it’s still super helpful to have more details as it might be caused a problem we don’t expect (which we won’t find out from only one report :frowning: ) no worries take your time! Thank you!

I got it again. This time with x4 Fire Bombs squad. I used the same setup.
It’s really annoying when I record, nothing happens, but when I don’t, things happen, though.

Okay, so my Skeleton key (+10) was charged, and it fired on the 1st and 4th target. It killed the 4th one, so I was expecting an extra turn, but the 2nd bomb exploded, which means that the bomb did have its turn, but not me! I am not sure, if the +5 extra damage on the 4th target killed it or not, because I was playing at x4 speed.

Screenshot: I took a screenshot immediately after this happened.

I’ll try to do the same and record this,since it’s easy to do. This (possible) bug could also be related to the 4th slot, and not just the Treacherous perk. No idea. :slight_smile:

As with every weapon it goes in the order of damage first, then it checks for additional effects like if weapon’s spell is giving you stats or in this case grants an extra turn, and then it does affixes you have upgraded. So if you don’t have enough damage to kill first or last enemy it will not give you an extra turn. Then the affix might kill the last enemy.
In this screenshot it’s obvious that this happened since you had 4 enemies with exactly the same stats, so if you didn’t have enough damage to kill first fire bomb you didn’t have enough to kill the last one. That’s why you gave up the turn


I am not sure if the affix happened (+5 damage) or not that killed the 4th bomb. I can’t recall…

Then we have another problem. Some people use Skeleton Key without any upgrades, or not fully upgraded.
So, if they are reporting this issue, it may not (only) be related to the affixes.

The affix had to have killed the last enemy. Like @jzg said all the Firebombs had the same stats and Skeleton Key does the same amount of damage to the first and last enemy so the last one would have survived with 2 health like the top one did and would have been killed by the 5 damage from the affix. Also from your screenshot the 3rd Firebomb is undamaged and when the Skeleton Key kills the last enemy the affix does the 5 damage to the new last enemy which would be the third slot.

The Skeleton Key states deal damage to the first and last enemy and if an enemy dies gain an extra turn. The damage from the affix is not part of the spell so if that kills you don’t get an extra turn. To get an extra turn you have to kill an enemy with damage from the Skeleton keys spell.

As you can see from my screenshot the Skeleton Key killed the last enemy from the spell damage and the 5 damage from the affix was done to the 3rd slot which is now the last enemy


Had this big happen to me

To reproduce:

Have 100 gold and skeleton key doing for example 20 extra damage

Enemy troops are 2 random troops. Top troop has 70 HP and bottom troop has 71hp

Adjust enemy HP as needed so that the +5 damage perk will kill the second unit, while the weapons damage kills the first but leaves the second with a few HP

The extra turn won’t be granted

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Yes, confirmed. It is like I suspected then.

Doesn’t work that way.
I spent quite a lot of time until I got the situation where Skeleton Key cast kills the first troop and the last troop is left standing (with 4hp in my case). Then 5-damage weapon update killed the last troop and I still got the extra turn.

Only instances when I have not gotten an extra turn have been Frozen (obviously) and no troop killed before application of five extra damage to the last enemy.

Edit. 5 minutes later got another one - first troop killed with spell, last troop killed with bonus damage. Extra turn granted.

Worked that way for me. Treacherous killed the last enemy while key killed the first. Extra turn not granted.

There might be another variable that causes the bug then, cause I 100% experienced it.

I assume Dev’s can set troop health values manually and can test

My job is to find bugs in computer software and I was actually specifically looking to experience this bug since I had heard about it

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I do get the extra turn when key kills first slot and then the affix kills last slot. There must be other conditions to trigger the bug

Try to get the condition when the 1st troop on the enemy team is killed, but not the 4th one.

That scenario happens way more often and i never failed to get an extra turn

You don’t have a keen eye then.

yeah apparently the majority of players dont have keen eyes as very few people have encountered this bug (without any proof so far)

I’ll record it, and I will laugh when I will do so.

I can guarantee you that I experienced this bug.

Just because you can’t reproduce it doesn’t mean it never happened.

Read up on the Wi Flag. Bugs can manifest themselves in the weirdest of ways:

It’s just a matter of finding what variable makes the turn not be granted.

i never said this bug doesnt exist. what i said was there must be other conditions to trigger the bug, and all the mentioned situations were not sufficient to reproduce it