No Extra Turn Given or?

Can someone explain why I didn’t get an extra turn?
Skeleton Key (for those that don’t know): Deal 24 damage to the first and last enemies, boosted by my Gold. If an enemy dies, gain and Extra Turn. Vid for proof.

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I’ve noticed this happen as well. It doesn’t seem to happen consistently though, just sometimes. Not sure why it happens some times, rather than other times though.

But as far as I can see, yes, you should have gotten an extra turn.

Thanks. This is really frustrating. If this happened in GWs… I’d probably rage quit the game. There’s no reason why I didn’t get my extra turn. Devs???

Perhaps it has something to do with the Frozen first target? Maybe the game gets confused and sees the target as Frozen and this denies the extra turn?

Perhaps, but from the video it’s the target that is NOT frozen that is outright killed from damage (Krystenax).

Thank you.
You just solved a bug report.

Thanks for the video.

Link to my official bug report:

This example isn’t citing a conflict with the Treacherous Perk, as the bottom enemy (Krystenax) is killed outright with damage from the Skeleton Key BEFORE the Treacherous Perk is ever considered.

The player has Skeleton Key doing 27 damage, plus their gold at a 2:1 ratio. They were at 200 gold, so the spell should have killed anything with 127 total armor and life or lower. Krystenax only had 100 total armor/life, so the initial spell killed Kyrstenax outright, yet they did not get an extra turn.

As for the Treacherous Perk, if the damage from that perk is what kills the enemy, you don’t get an extra turn, because the spell didn’t kill off the enemy, the weapon affix did. They are two separate things.


Plzzzz fix this!

Hey, thanks for reporting this and especially for the video.

This is an issue we’re currently investigating. Sorry for the inconvenience.

@Kafka here’s another video of the same thing. Skeleton key not getting its extra turn. w00t.

Here we are a week later with another video of a reallly annoying bug.

Is this enough video evidence or should I keep posting?

I think they said it’s fixed when new patch eventually gets released.

Okay thanks. I hadn’t heard that but I guess we’ll see (if the update is ever released :laughing:)

We’re still looking into this one :frowning: but if it magically stops happening in 4.3 that would be awesome as there were quite a few bug fixes in there

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