Skeleton Key (+10) - An Extra Turn is not always awarded, Treacherous Perk conflict?

Okay, I agree that’s the case then.
Problem is that it doesn’t always trigger, so there must be some additional circumstances.

Same goes for the freezing effect as well since 4.2 update. If the AI takes its turn and gets the exact mana color with its frozen unit, getting a 4-5 match/es or further cascades in a row, the AI will not skip its turn, even though you can see and hear the Freezing effect being re-applied, sometimes more than once in a row.

It’s not always happening, but I noticed it at least three times today.

Ok it happened again

It was the second dungeon today, King Gloomleaf.

I used skeleton key once and killed Archdruid, and almost killed King Gloom Leaf

Then Archdruid summoned Dryad from its trait activating

Dryad used its effect to apply Barrier to all of their team. I used egg thief which dispelled Gloom Leaf’s Barrier, then used Skeleton Key

Key killed Gloom Leaf, then hit Dryad’s Barrier which dispelled it, then the +5 DMG was applied to Dryad

Opponent then took a turn. I wasn’t granted the extra turn.

Timestamp at the top, PST time zone (UTC-8)

Could it be possible that hitting Barrier somehow makes it not register that a kill also happened during the same attack?

Maybe in the cases we’ve seen, the +5 damage was hitting the 3rd troop’s barrier or some other status effect?

@Kafka, @Cyrup

I can still record a video, if you weren’t able to replicate the issue.
I would like some feedback, though. :slight_smile:

Hey, we’re still investigating this so any further videos and info you can provide will be helpful if you’re seeing the issue quite often!



I had no luck with replicating this result, but there’s another user who caught the bug!


Link to his bug report:


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I don’t think that’s related to Skeleton Key. For a year or so I sometimes don’t get an extra turn from spells that grant it and still occasionally don’t get an extra turn from 4/5 matches.