Occasionally not receiving extra turn on Skeleton Key kills

Every so often when killing an enemy when Skeleton key spell, I will not receive an extra turn.

From what I can tell, it only ever happens when the spell doesn’t kill the first enemy but DOES kill the last enemy. That being said, the vast majority of the time, it does work normally, but I’ve lost a few games because of it.

EDIT: This is happening on PC/Steam. I have not tested it on mobile.

Here is a capture I did of this happening:


The skeleton key spell isn’t killing the enemy, the damage from the weapon ability is.

The damage from the weapon ability hit the 3rd enemy (boar rider).

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He is dealing 79 damage in total with the boosted goldbonus. So the spell is killing the last enemy and therefore he should gain a extraturn?


Did you watch the video? SK is killing the last enemy, so he should get an extra turn!

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Yeah the key spell damage should kill the last troop, but it looks like two spell effects are hitting the last troop.

Super interesting, nice capture!

Perhaps the lag is a factor - this seems like it might have been the case in other missed turn situations.

I think this should be a bug report, but hopefully it gets picked up. @Kafka @Cyrup just in case.

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Hey there was already a bug report thread for this :slight_smile:

There might be something else involved here, could you please post the talents your hero is using? The level 100 assassination talent might play into this.