Skeleton key fails to grant extra turn

I’m pretty sure that trait doesn’t hit the first troop and if the troop on top dies but then the second one dies at the bottom, that must be the reason it cancels out the extra turn which, in itself, is a major downgrade.

And i am pretty sure you spend too much time here (np though, rented a boat now) and not enough in game.

Am using the skel key 99% of the time now and seen that thing happen an handful of times and ONLY when both troops survived first hit and the LAST get finished by the extra 5 damage that btw happen at the very end, almost delayed seem sometimes.

However, if with enough tears over nothing we can get the skel key buffed (1:1 as damage boost would be better) and why not? maybe also a “empowered” for egg thief i wont cry x sure, so feel free to go on lmao.

Beside a little use of common sense tell me it work as intended, the extra turn is part of the base spell so only make sense if work only with it.

Well, sailing for another dock now, hf.

The weapon is not upgraded.

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I noticed that as well, which made me more certain that it was in fact a bug. I also had a look at the troop health and gold count beforehand.

I don’t think

holds up to scrutiny.

@Micio was your post in reply to Lissandra?

I think it’s probably something to do with the lag as well, although who knows. I hope it gets fixed for you(/everyone)! :slightly_smiling_face:

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That’s just great, it would be nice to respect all skeletons because we keep your organs in the right place, but noooooo… Not even Skeleton Key receives proper attention it deserves…

This is outrageous!!!

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Hi @Korgoth Your videos won’t load for me, can you try uploading them somewhere else? Or if they’re on your Xbox profile, can you PM me your gamer tag and make your profile public so I can see them?

Also, just a general reminder that if you’re posting feedback about the bug to please do so in the feedback or gameplay discussion sections of the forum and not in the bug report itself, just so it makes it easier for devs to find important information and help :slight_smile:

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They seemed to have automatically been embedded when I made the post. Will they load for you as a link?

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I’ve had it happen a few times myself and one of the times was with the first troop dying but the last troop surviving with about 4 health. The ‘upgrade’ triggered and killed the last troop then suddenly, the enemy took their turn. That’s why I feel like the weapon upgrades for it are not great.

Although it could also just be a lot of lag, especially for those who play it consistently or just plow through the one day delve events since even extra turns have failed in the past as well.

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Thank you!!! The links worked and you have successfully captured not getting an extra turn (not an easy feat!) \o/

I have passed the video and other details onto the team.

If anyone else is able to provide video of this happening please still do so!

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This is still happening, actually fairly frequently. Is there a fix in the works?

Happened to me about 30 minutes ago. Definitely not related to the weapon upgrade. The weapon killed both troops and I was not frozen, but no extra turn was given. It’s jarring when it happens.

Happening on PS4 too, a lot!

Bug still standing, not resolved on Xbox One at least

Hey, sorry about this folks. We believe we have enough information now but are still investigating it.

Hopefully we’ll have a fix soon.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for your patience.

Bug is still ongoing.
Recorded some samples too.
Skeleton key is not upgraded. Using archer class with Horned Banner.

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Is your hero using the level 100 talent that has a 7% chance to kill another enemy whenever one dies?

Edit: Archer class, so no Rising Shadow talent. What’s your talent loadout?

Sunspear class and skeletonkey: 100% extra turn.
Be careful with other cards/traits/talents to NOT overwrite the skeletonskill

Hey, update: we’re still investigating.

I’d be curious to know if you keep experiencing the issue after 4.3 though.

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The bug is alive. 2 minutes ago in pet rescue. I play the new class (don’t know the english name)

4.6, still live on Android


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