Silver Necropolis & Death Mark

As many of you will have been, I’ve been working on pure faction team in Silver Necropolis over the weekend. Does Bone Golem seem completely pointless inflicting death mark, when literally every single enemy opponent is immune to death mark?

There are rooms besides the first and last in the Delve. Chances are some of those enemies will be susceptible. Also, this makes Bone Golem more useful outside of Delves.

Agreed, but in reality when using pure faction teams people are going to ignore the other rooms and just go for the 3 main rooms. In the runs I tried all 4 troops in rooms 1 and 3 were immune to death mark, and in the 2nd room 3 out of 4 troops were immune to death mark.

Wow, that is terrible luck for you. My faction runs had a majority of troops susceptible to Death Mark in room 2. Not that it ever triggered, but it could have!

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It’s the “Invasion Rule”. Invasion troops typically deal status effects that don’t affect towers. The explanation is “We did this so you’d be more likely to them outside of Invasion.” For the most part, nobody uses Siegebreakers outside of their event, because it’s hard for an ability to make up for losing a trait.

Faction troops are sort of viable outside of Delves, at least. A handful of them show up in the upper tiers of PvP and GW. That doesn’t mean any of these will, but at least the thought process works for them because they can have 3 relevant traits.

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