Show me the meta titles

I absolutely hate the “justice league” but the name alone just cracks me up. Are there any other meta teams out there with hysterical names? Or maybe some ideals for some.

Well I know PFDF (Psion, Famine, Death, Famine) and PRDF (Ragnarok replaces a Famine)

The Forest Entourage (Whatever Beast, Giant Spider, Forest Guardian and Kerberos)

And I call Krak Feast any team with 2+ Krakens.

In response to people referring to Wisp as boobface, I call my dual Wisp team double boobface. It makes people laugh.

Another one is Psion, STD(lol), Famine, and Spirit Fox. I call em #%&@$*^#€¥…etc.

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My Forest Guardian 3x Wulf team is called Nice Doggy.

There used to be one about a year ago that was MMIS or something… Maw/Mercy/IK/Sheggra. I swear it had a fancier acronym than that, but I don’t remember :frowning: Maybe some of the vets can shed more light on it?

Wulfgarok, fenrir, forest guardian and wulgarok. I have named that team ‘wulfs among us’.