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Show finishing bracket after Guild Wars ends

After GW week
We can see our individual guildies results.
We can see the top 10 guild scores.

Please can we see where we ended up !
It is super annoying to have to wait 2 weeks to see whether we went up, stayed or dropped a bracket.


Agree, i dont understand, why you can not allways see all brackets.

Another usefull information would be how much duells have been played by the guild so far btw…

You can actually see in which position your guild finished (and thus, whether you’re changing brackets) by clicking the ‘register’ button at the top right corner of the GW screen… Although to get full bracket details you’d need to check Taran’s really useful website, I agree it should also be displayed in-game along with win/loss records:


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Thanks :+1:
Who knew :joy::joy:

Thanks, but there is no love for PS4 Players on Taran Homepage.
I love it anyway…