Guild Wars Position

I can’t see how to check your finishing position in the previous weeks guild wars. I can see the finishing position for bracket 1 only, but I want to see bracket 3.

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From 21 to 30
But there should be ingame tool to check at least you guild position

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Thanks for the link to Taransworld, I’m on Xbox and for some reason you can choose the platform (Xbox, PC, PS4 etc) for every event except for Guild Wars. For Guild Wars there only seems to be one option to pick, which only shows PC results.

Nevertheless, as you say there should definitely be an in game tool for this information.

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It should be noted that taran’s rankings are inaccurate a very, very tiny percentage of the time, as it was for our guild this week due to the data being pulled before the actual weekly reset. True to our name we actually won our bracket in the last 30 seconds or less so the game shows us in 41st place while taran’s shows us as 42nd.

I agree fully with OP that we should be able to view bracket ranks & defense scores for some period after reset because it’s exceedingly difficult to always screen shot everything at reset before it all disappears permanently.

@shadyady360 if you look at your guild profile page it’ll show your final rank, and if you go to the GW ranking tab & click on “your results” you can see each individual guild member’s stats, but everything else is inaccessible.


In addition to what vanyel said (about viewing your final GW rank on the Guild profile page – what people see when they click on your guild, from a player’s profile, for example), your rank is also shown for one week (I believe) when you click on the ‘Register’ button!

I find it to be a useful screenshot for tracking your guild’s progress in the rankings.

I definitely agree about the need to be able to find these things more easily, though.


I will check these points out when I’m home from work later. I did not realise if you clicked on register it would give last weeks wars results, I’m intrigued to test this (not that I don’t believe you of course, unless you’ve gone to the trouble of photoshopping a screen shot deliberately to fool me :laughing:). Thanks for all replies!


You can also see the position finished by looking at your own profile and pressing Y to look at your guild info. The last digit will show what position you held in the bracket at the end of guild wars. For example, mine shows 201 (finished first in bracket 21). Finishing last in bracket would have a zero as the final digit.

I just wish we could see our next bracket before the Monday of guild wars. When recruiting, i hate having to refer to the bracket we were last in, and guess at where we will be next.

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Thanks for the position tip—I didn’t know the final digits corresponded like that!

The best way I’ve found around the problem you mentioned is to divide the “spots risen” by 10 (because there are 10 positions within a bracket) and subtract that from your previous bracket.

Our guild was Bracket 41 and rose 170 places, so: 41-(170/10)=24

Barring some shenanigans, we’ll be Bracket 24 next War :+1:

Note: This can be off by a couple here and there if special rules come into play that “steal” your spot, like a guild hundreds of spots below you scoring 2 million points and skyrocketing into “your” spot. But, in my experience, the predictive power of the equation is sound :+1: :+1:

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You took 2nd

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Yep, following up on what Magnusimus said,

this is what my final within-bracket screenshot looked like (I actually took it a minute or so after reset, which is why the rewards bit above ‘Winners’ is blanked out :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:):

As you can see, we finished at #1601, which is number shown when you click on the ‘Register’ button, and also on the Guild Info screen:

Then yeah, since we moved +70 places, we should be 7 brackets higher next war, so Bracket 154 (watch out!!!). This week’s (slightly lower than normal) movement was an unfortunate side-effect of clustering – we had two other reasonable-scoring guilds in our Bracket; it dropped off to 300k -> 0 after that. I think there was a highest of 800k in the Bracket above, and a 300k in the one below.

If you move a non-multiple of 10, e.g. you were rank 152 and you moved +65, you can work out your resulting ‘rank’ for the next war (#87), divide it by 10 (8.7) and +1 (9.7), rounded down (9), to work out your Bracket, barring the shenanigans Magnusimus mentioned.

Iirc, the other shenanigan is when a Guild that was ranked higher than you would end up (e.g., in this hypothetical case, Bracket 8) didn’t register for the previous war, and so wasn’t taken into account for the calculations, but then registers for the next one and gets slotted back in, pushing you down a place.

My assumption for why we can’t see the ranks of the other guilds within our Bracket after the war is over is similar to my assumption for not being able to see the Leaderboards of the other events post-reset – to prevent inferred call-outs of any guilds/players found to be cheating.

Imo, that’s on them (the guilds/players), and any potential inferences made by players watching it closely doesn’t equate to an explicit callout by the Devs. I think they need to work it out – not being able to see the final results of a competitive event is SO weird, and diminishes part of the incentive to place highly. But whatcha gonna do? Make a Feature Request on the official forums that you don’t know will even get seen, let alone acknowledged? Pah! Pah, I say!

Although I suppose the results for Bracket 1 are shown, so maybe that assumption doesn’t hold up :man_shrugging:.

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