Could we please see results after events end?

Could we please have a way to see our results after events end? This is especially important in Guild Wars, where we need to be able to see what defense teams we used in the most recent war and how well they did. Also, if there is a close match between guilds in a bracket, it would be good to see the final results and find out who won. Seeing results would also be good in the other weekly events, especially Tower of Doom.


It would be handy, especially since it looks like you should be able to access past results for GW (but it’s always glitched or grayed out).

In the meantime, I always screenshot my defense results on GW Sunday, so I know how my teams did.

You can see the results of your guild and the total score of top guilds under guild wars/ranking/last wars. It may only show for a week but is there.

I do agree that they should leave all the tabs alone for at least a week after gw so we may go back and see daily totals, defense wins, etc.