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Shouldn't be working "as intended" but I'm sure it is. 🙄

It’s easier to give up hope than to keep it. :grinning:
If you feel that way. Nothing I say will change your opinion.

Guild wars does, and did, have parties on both sides. Those who hate it, wanted it less or gone completely. Those who loved it, or at least loved the only guild event where you can make gems, wanted it weekly.
The latter was the minority because it only negatively impacted 300 people per platform really.
Epic tasks on the other hand, negatively impacts basically everyone except 300 people per platform.
So this is a much more bipartisan issue. And though I can’t remember if I brought it up or you did. I think there’s a sufficient amount of threads about it on the forums.
Let’s keep this about blocking the same Mythic troop LT from repeating more than once a month. I’d prefer not at all. But I’m keeping my view point realistic.

I mean “technically” they did change the name of 30 legendary tasks to “epic tasks”. Lol

God, it’s hard not to talk about them. Forget what I said… This can be yet another thread denouncing epic tasks.


Lol, by the time I read through all of the posts, I forgot what the original post was about and just responded to the string of conversation. :rofl:

Twas derailed when I got here, I guess.


You yourself took a sabbatical from the game and returned at a later juncture. Many won’t return, regardless of their reasons for withdrawing in the first place. “Developments” such as 4.7 only serve to magnify departure. It’s as if endgamers are persona non grata.

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Even before my break, I voiced here and In game a belief that endgamers were unwanted, and that the view of the powers-that-be was that we were a problem. We earn too much, and don’t spend enough. What led me to that break was realizing we were like frogs in water coming to a boil and I hopped out. This is like they’re dangling us over a pot of boiling water we are most definitely getting dropped into. The next won’t be a break.

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So based on the OP evidence.
And it basically happening again 6 months later.
Both within 72 hours of each other.

I at least am convinced that only 5-10 Mythic Troops are available in a given week in the form of Legendary Tasks. So repeats are way more possible than they should be. :+1:

Also between now and then. A new system has been added for Path to Glory packs that allow a mythic troop to be collected that the player doesn’t own. Unless they own all the other mythic troops.
The same could be done for Mythic LT for a guild. There’s not exactly that many still doing LT anymore.
And a player could never just get all the mythic troops based off just Mythic LT. I base that theory off my guild existing for 41 months* now and receiving 46 mythic LT. Based off the math 6 months ago, there are now 50 Mythics supposedly available in the drop pool for every LT.
*(even counting the first 5 months the guild existed before it started doing LT.)