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Shouldn't be working "as intended" but I'm sure it is. 🙄

You can tell it’s the same day because of something definitely not working as intended.
But hey, it’s not like Mythic LT are super rare and on the verge of being even more super rare or anything…:roll_eyes:

Gems of War has a remarkable way of taking things that should feel good, and making them feel shitty instead.


Not for lack of effort from the community. But the drop rate for Mythic LT has fever been disclosed by the devs.
But my personal experience guess is it’s 1/300 LT.

Just keep in mind though. My guild has done 636 LT in a week before and didn’t get a single Mythic LT.
@Kafka was only able to tell me that Legendary Tasks weren’t bugged then, and as far as I know, aren’t bugged now. Besides the obvious visual bug that started today.

So a guild could do one LT a week for years without ever getting a Mythic LT.

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Players must have been asking for more Jotnars, and it’s probably better gem value in the long run.



I tried. Kinda. I proposed if you logged in every day for a year straight, the player would get a Mythic troop. @Saltypatra informed me that it would ruin the economy if implemented.

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She’s the voice of the developers and is a part of the development team in that regard.
So it’s okay to call her a dev, but she will refer to the coders or her bosses as the actual developers.

So if she says Mythics as log in rewards are a bad idea. It’s because Sirrian or Nim have told her that before.

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This game’s English translation has always been pants.

Can I count a bit more as a dev because I write things now?

Also, I’m a broken record. LT’s are dropping as intended.


Mabey expound on what is intended and how this occurs so the rest of us are as wise

There is a very small chance of pulling a mythic troop. This mythic troop is then randomly selected. As it is randomyl selected, this means that the same mythic can appear multiple times in a row, as it comes down to chance. There is no block on receiving the same mythic again, so it is entirely possible.

To my understanding there are 47 mythic troops in game, 44 mythics that can be pulled from LT tasks. (This is of course because you can’t pull Xathenos, the mythic Treasure, or Zuul’Goth from LT tasks.) This means that after getting one Jotnar, there was still a 1 in 44 chance to pull a second Jotnar.

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There should be a block. At the very least within a 12 hours. Or a day. Or a week. Or a month. As the Mythic pool widens. The ability to get a Mythic that an individual is missing lessons. A rework of how legendary tasks work should be reworked to compensate for that.
The soul forge is able to make sure mythic troops don’t repeat until a cycle has been full filled. I don’t see why Mythic LT can’t work under the same principal.


That’s all very well but why have LTS suddenly (today) become GUILD_STATUE_6_TASKS?

Maybe LTS have realised that their days are numbered and are preparing themselves for their new identity, ie epic task whatever.


So Nimhain isn’t a dev @UKresistance?

By your logic does that mean that ONLY programmers are devs?

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@Thevc we pushed some text strings last night and it looks like something went wrong. The team is working on fixing this issue, and it only affects the text specifically.


I’m about to be unavailable for a week but I know at least four people who for 10K gems could write a tool that makes sure you never accidentally remove strings still being used by the game again. Some of them already have it and are already figuring it out faster than the devs.

This is a pretty damn big value, I’d usually balk at less than $100/hour. Some of them might even do it for less than 10k gems.

(This is the kind of tool professional devs call “being lazy”. You spend 10 minutes on it today so you don’t embarrass yourself and spend a couple of hours/week on patches to fix a mistake you can’t quit making.)


Ozball always has and always will be a fan favorite. That’s my answer.

This is the dev’s 1st attempt to stop you from protesting the 4.7 update. Next attempt will be 10 consecutive Moon Moon pet rescues. Or did that happen as well? Tread carefully, my friend.

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I had the 100 gem adventure board deal today.
You’d be surprised to know how many of the devs agree with me.
They aren’t the ones behind Epic Tasks. They’re just the ones being used as meat shields for the hate.


That’s why, if someone is dissatisfied with the game, they just need to quit the game. If the IP2 team was making the decisions that drive the changes, you wouldn’t be able to talk to them. No change like this is driven by creative design; the creative design is a product of business decisions that nobody that absorbs the hate gets to make.

Because burn out does happen no matter how good or bad a product is. There’s a saying, no matter how hot a girl (or guy) is… There’s someone out there that is sick of them.
So the publisher will just chalk it up to that normal attrition.
If people truly want to protest the epic changes.
They should continue to play, play all the time in fact, and not spend a single dime on Gems of War. Until 505 gets their greedy hands out of our pockets.

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Protesting sure, but expecting the game to ever get more rewarding and less frustrating. Not worth the depression, anxiety, and stress. That stuff kills people in the long run. Messages are run up the chain, at any time you can just be told that they’ll let the development team know about our concerns. That doesn’t mean anything will be done about it. They do listen, and they do implement changes that are suggested and asked about. That doesn’t mean that they’ll reverse course when it comes to profit margins and controlling the outflow or usfuleness of freely farmed rewards.

Normal attrition, in the end, is the point I’m making. New players can always be brought in. To the people who look at numbers and make profit decisions, it is just chalking it up, and they’ll get the money out of someone else later. It’s kind of like guiild wars. No amount of complaining, threatening, and even end-gamers quitting made them reverse course, and they pushed forward and made it 4 weeks instead of 3. They work updates ahead, and whatever goes on top of the coming changes is already invested in.