Questions about Legendary Tasks

Was there any change to the way Legendary Tasks work with the 4.2.5 patch?
Why aren’t the drop rates for rewards displayed similar to chests?
Does every guild in the game have the exact same odds of getting a Mythic LT every day of the year?
(So long as they complete at least 1 LT of course)
Oh I totally forgot,
Any plans to make Mythic LT work like the Soul Forge does? Troops aren’t repeated until a full cycle has gone through. As in, every guild can only get a Mythic LT repeat if they have gotten the rest of the Mythics so far? It would reset whenever all the unique Mythics have been attained. To offset any guarantee of them getting nothing but new Mythic troops as they just become available. (I hope I worded that right so that it makes sense).
These questions are of course a low priority. But I would appreciate it if they were addressed at some point.
I assume this falls into your department, Salty.


Well, my guild just got fallen Valdis on the last LT before reset. And it was just a month ago when we got it for the last mythic via LT. Decent enough occurrence rate, but the pulls were obviously disappointing.

I could have sworn one of the top guilds on PC or xbox shared their data since they did so many. A rough guess is perhaps near equivalent to a VIP key and say probably about 1 in every 100-150 LTs if luck is on your side.


in our guild, we get one mythic every 250-300LT

I think it’s more than that.

@Saltypatra, care to disclose some information about this?

Yes, multiple legendary tasks can get wrapped up in a single delivery mail to help with the mailbox size limit.

Probably because it’s somewhat more complicated, you are technically opening three chests at once, and the contents of the first and second chest have an effect on what the remaining chests contain.

As much as is known yes, 0.5% chance to get a mythic troop with each legendary task.

5 weeks old bump

I have a feeling that devs finally gave up and dropped the ball.
I wonder what got squashed under it.

The feeling in the air is weary, filled with bad vibes.