Shorted Chaos Orb Rewards (Fixed)

Happening to a lot of individuals (if not all) across steam and mobile at least.
Are we all expected to do individual tickets for massive bug like this or will you be sending us 2 Ascension orbs in the mail to make it easier for everyone involved?
(Relax. I’m still no where near getting Zuul’Goth if you do make it easy on us (me). 🤷)


Same thing happened to me. Collected what should of been a major orb and a normal orb, and only got the normal one. Thought it was just me not paying attention, but now after seeing it happen alot i think i got the shaft too.

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Same here, I collected four minor orbs but only got two of them, I’ve sent in a ticket. Seems like in every patch release there’s something random being broken, it’s getting old…

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Same here. Was the 2 orb reward stage, only got one.

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Same on Xbox, I just collected Portal 9 rewards and received only 1 minor orb in place of 2.

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Claimed reward 1-9 for 4 orbs, only got 2 of them.

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So now a fun question: how many of you checked your inventory before and after the collection? Is it possible this is a visual glitch?

Even if it just a “visual glitch”. With so many folks being affected by it…

If it’s not broken, then it’s at least cracked. And it wouldn’t be the first time something gets dismissed as just “RNG”.

I got 3/4 too

Went to collect 2 minors, only got 1 wisdom. Can we get a single update without really annoying bugs? Tina is also still broken, but I guess emojis were more important.

It’s Aussie lunchtime, man, they’re out celebrating the release and reckon if they party hard enough, it’ll be Monday before they get back to the forums and this thread’ll be buried.

“Sorry, can’t confirm, file a ticket, fixed in 4.3.”

Our social media ninja is no longer the saltiest person on the forums. :salt::salt:

Happend to me too today (android phone). Thanks for posting the bug.

Happened to me too, got shorted my Major Orb

The only way this game has any hope of working correctly is to suspend all future updates and changes, because every time something new is unleashed, the glitches, bugs and so on just gets worse. The zero in house testing and unskilled coding is just embarrassing. 505 have lost total control of their game. Shambolic.

This was fixed awhile ago in case you missed the known issues notification. It’s a visual issue an all rewards were earned. Here is an explanation.