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Multiple Orb collecting issue

I always wait (not anymore) to collect my rewards for the Raid Boss and Invasion and twice now I got robbed of my Major Orb reward. When I press collect, it shows that I won 1 Minor Orb and 1 Major Orb, it then tell me to tap to reveal my Minor but never reveals the Major.

I checked my inventory only to realize that I never actually received it. Last time this happened, last week, I had a suspicion that I didn’t receive it, but this time I am positive.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Before contacting support, I wanted to ask you all about this issue and what my next best step would be, would the devs manually give me these?

In Raid/Invasion the major orbs you get in the beginning are all picked for you. So, for instance, this week at Stage 5 you get a “Major Orb of Growth.” There is not reason for you to have to “tap on to reveal” when they are handing you a specific orb.

If you make it all the way to Stage 12, you do get a Major Orb of Chaos, so this one would have you choose. Are you positive you just aren’t missing them in your inventory or that you haven’t already used them (maybe even accidentally)?.. I am pretty sure last weeks and this week were both Major Orbs of Growth (unfortunately) so double check to make sure you didn’t get them.

I am almost positive that I already had but I didn’t know they were predetermined. That makes me think that my memory is just wrong. Thanks for that, I’ll just go ahead figure I am wrong about this one.