Yes, they count as usual skulls.


I get why there isn’t a legendary this month and this is hopelessly entitled but after so many weeks where we get 2 or more troops, it feels really boring to be in a week with just the glory troop.


Hmm… looks like it does in 0.25 speed. Sorry.
Thanks for the correction. Fixed the original post.


It’s actually even better than I thought, since the gem creation happens between exploding the gem and resolving the board, which means it’s more likely to create a 4/5 match since they’re filling a smaller space.

Immunity to stun is perfect in a Titan-rich environment, as well. I think it’s a great alternative to Forest Troll, which doesn’t require a lot of green gems to already be present - a game-changer, in other words :stuck_out_tongue:.


With only 2 skulls, you will get an extra turn if you select a spot with almost no green, so that the new gems are concentrated around existing greens.


Still very useless troop imo. Lot of troop explode and do more things to help you


In the first week of Feb we will be getting 7 new troops which more than makes up for this week. I don’t mind the occasional week of only 1 new troop. I just wish there was a weekend event every weekend.


Oh gosh no!

The weekdays are when I play GoW because by the time I get home there’s not enough time to go out and do things.

The weekend is when I go do the things that working through the week pays for.


Yeah but you have 72 hrs and can do the event whenever you choose during that time.