Server issues again


Hopefully the next update will concentrate on making the game playable.


Regardless of what time it is in Australia,there should be someone available 24/7 to fix any faults that may arise…Surely you can afford to hire someone to complete such a task…Or have you only got enough revenue left over to keep the lights on?


They don’t need to even hire a 100k/yr developer from the US. Just an cheap College intern with a few cellphone numbers. When there is a issue his/her job is to wake up the sleepy Australians.


Or just be proactive and call the server company, which surely has someone on their end 24hrs/7days-a-week. If the issue requires assistance from the developers then he/she calls them.

Maybe the devs are afraid that such hero would get all the praise from us players, and that’s why no one takes this job, because everyone wants it and they can’t decide who would do that without starting a war. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Once again, I will remind people that this is a family-friendly forum and that foul language is against the community guidelines outlined here.

I suggest you attempt to make your point without using profanity. Thank you for your cooperation.


Even if we had a poor college kid calling us, we need rest and time way from work to be productive, happy and healthy human beings. (I’m sure some of you have noticed that I have been active on various social accounts, and here, over the weekend. It’s not ideal, but we care about this game and already work long hours as is.)

Yesterday we did a quick fix for the Xbox servers. Since waking up I have passed this information along to the appropriate sources, and we are looking into it now.

I will post more when I know more. Please be patient with us as we resolve these issues.


Salty, i don’t want to overstep on this, but is it possible to make a small rotation of business days with some people in the office to keep at least two people during weekends?

Taking you, Kafka, Ozball and Cyrup as example because you are our dynamic quartet¹ :kissing_heart:, so in the next week you all could take an extra day-off and at Saturday you and Cyrup would take watch, and also work whatever is pending on your schedule… Then at Sunday it would be Ozball and Kafka doing the same.

Would something like this be possible?

¹ Cosplaying as group characters from tv shows is highly recommended to maintain profissionalism at all times during these weekends. :wink: :rofl:

Is this game in open beta?

Honestly, what a poor response from a community manager. I believe we have been more than patient with you and the dev team.

Believe it or not, you are not the only person who works long hours. Many of us play this (broken) game as an escape from our daily grind. We put up with content updates that we don’t want, nerfs that are unnecessary, and bugs that have been part of the game for years.

Please consider “passing along to the appropriate resources” that we would prefer a game that works over a game overstuffed with content that breaks consistently on weekends.



I told our team as soon as I was aware of the issues experienced, and many of us worked over the weekend. I think it is a good thing to acknowledge that developers are people that need down time to ensure peak performance, just like everything else.

As we care about this game, our players and community, we did our best to fix the server issues over the weekend when we were out of the office.

On the note of the server issues, they are now all resolved. You will be able to play as normal on both XBox and Playstation 4.


Then have a rotating schedule, or hire another real developer to work different hours, or something else. The old 9-5 M-F Australian support schedule was fine before.

However someone at IP2 DESIGNED all the content to have a very limited time schedule (unlike in years past). And DESIGNED them to be large real money / Gem sinks.

They failed to plan that adding limited event windows for real money should necessitate staff to cover them. Considering these outages occur with regularity.


Really…You actually study on the weekend


Please re-read:

“And when they should make events? In the middle of the week when everyone is working or studying?”

If the developers don’t do events during the weekend, the other option is to make all events during the working/school days of the week. It’ll only make things worse to have more activities during the days people are usually busier. Or don’t make events at all…

The best approach is to have people working at the devs office during weekends to make sure that things are working.


Yes but, salty sort of replied to my reference about scheduling and alerts. Apparently the all the developers have to work at the exact same time of day in Australia, and need their rest on the weekends/nights, so no paging. :wink:


They are part of the Borg collectivity… :stuck_out_tongue:


Geez, relax…That’s a really good idea to have someone their on the weekend. Maybe they should have 8 days a week :slightly_smiling_face:


We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile. Existence as you know it is over (unless it’s the weekend, and then we are only resting). :wink:


On the fritz again :angry:


Try deleten the reserves space in the management game section


I have already tried that,but to no avail…Thanks though👍


Ok worked 4 me too bad tc