Serious Question - Is any real logic/thought put into Event Choices?

I am not trying to flame here.
But with stress/frustration already at an all time high due to Justice and Unity.
You guys literally buff the other stupid META from a month ago and now its:
Kerby - GS - FG - Kerby
Everywhere…all over again.

I mean, honestly…we keep having these buffs to troops that are already insane, or in the case of Orcs, being made insane.
Why isn’t there an event of a kingdom that doesn’t current own the already abused troops?

Seriously, is no logic being used on these weekly events.

(I am fine with Wargare event itself as the Wulf Mythic needed some love…but why boost Maugrim?)


Strong troops are strong with buffs or not. Boosted troopa correspond with new troop so im fine with it.

What i think deserves a lot more attention is the task. It needs to be a bit less generic, and a lot more innovative. New troop has barrier in its ability. Why not make the quest: give x amount of barriers to allies? Its either kill x amount of troop type, do maps, do pvp. Nothing else. 3 different tasks thats all we get.


I agree that a task like
"Cast X spell X number of times"
"Cast HP Increase spell X number of times"
"Create X number of 5 gem matches"

Those would be more fun. My thing is Kerby - GS - FG - Kerby…didn’t need a buff…lol

FGE buffs only bother me because it takes me a bit longer to trash em… To be fair tho that applies to any event buffs


Because that requires extra programming work while the “kill [this kind of troop]” counter is already implemented :slight_smile: Hopefully they’ll find the time to add something like that in the future though, makes things more interesting.

I really don’t think they give this too much thought, at least the boosts part of it. The boosts always depend on the new troop being released. They just boost its kingdom and one of its types and they’re done. I imagine they do that to showcase the new troop and the troops it might go well with. And I suspect one of the reasons why it’s like that is so that they don’t have to spend too much time thinking about what to boost, which means they have more time to do other things.


@mitamata perfect logical observation brudda😎

I have thought for a long time that it would be cool to “discover” that the colors were moons that waxed and waned increasing and decreasing the power of the troops that depend on them. You could run them on different cycles so the patterns would be complicated and long. You could make this influence the power of the troops, or the starting color distribution of the board,or the likelihood of surges… It would make for more interesting (but more complicated) events, and would help reduce the tendency of fixed teams to emerge as always superior.


Well, here’s my advice, If this week too hard then sit it out and come back next week when maybe easier. Simple solution. Last week was human and I think everybody agree (well I assume @vangor will disagree) human week was lacklustre and easy and even boring a bit.

You are correct @Tache i do disagree… I disagree with the fact that you are not a special kind of little boy

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i honestly wouldnt mind if they always event buffed only troops and types like troll & merfolk

or for example have a banned-from-buffing troop list and put there (generic) all troops that are most commonly used on defense already.

then some new defense tendencies would emerge and we could see much more variety

The most difficult defense teams were: Famine and co. or Kerby and co.
Because of the small boost of +25% (which is not that great) , a lot of players put now only the 2nd option…
It seems to me that the issue is still that the defense teams are chosen by players…

True. Unclear what the solution is. Not sure I like the idea of the devs or systems creating the defences… so we are back to needing better incentivisation for players to put up varied defences.

I have proposed before that there each troop in the game should have a “pot” of some sort of reward associated with it. At the end of the week you should get a share of that pot for each time your defense won using that troop. It would encourage people to try to find unusual, yet effective defenses.

Interesting, but… could be hard to balance the reward pots against the rewards for defence wins… and also a bit opaque in terms of knowing which teams might earn points.

I dont see anyone with negative win rates lol. I see 2000 wins 50 loses. So event troops must not be that strong. Just a little more annoying